10 Rules for High School Baseball Players

10 Rules for High School Athletes

-Do not do typical body builder splits

-Focus on full body workouts or upper and lower body splits

– Strengthen weak links in your chain. This usually includes the core, upper back and posterior chain.

-Play as many sports as possible

-Make eating and sleeping a priority

-Technique before Weight

-Learn to master your bodyweight

-Perform a movement prep daily, especially before workouts and sports

-Less video games, more physical activities

-Always train hard, take nothing for granted

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  • The sad thing is this is such a simple and basic list, and the percentage of athletes that are following it is LOW! Where are we as a society when the NFL feels a need to run PSA’s reminding our kids to “Play 60” mins a day?!

  • Agreed Don!

  • Great advice for anyone, not just baseball players or an athlete.