5 Killer Exercises For Massive Traps

Last week I got a question from Jordan who wants to know how to build bigger traps. I thought that this would make for a great post as everybody wants to build a bigger ‘Yoke’.

In this post I will go over 5 exercises you need to do to get massive traps.

1) Heavy Deadlifts

Heavy deadlifts are by far the best way to get bigger traps. For years I never did shrugs but I was still able to build bigger traps because I deadlifted heavy. There is no coincidence that guys that deadlift HUGE weight also have HUGE upper backs.

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2) The Olympic Lifts

One of the more underrated ways to build bigger traps is through the Olympic Lifts. If your goal is to build bigger traps, my two favorite Olympic Lift variations are hang clean pulls and hang snatch pulls. These two exercises will leave your traps sore for days.

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3) Farmer Walks

Ever since I started coaching at the Underground Strength Gym, farmer walks have been a staple in my training and the training of the athletes I work with.

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4) Direct Upper Back Work

Exercises like face pulls, scarecrows, reverse flys, rear dealt raises are a great way to add muscle to your upper back. If you want bigger traps, I recommend doing direct upper back wor 2 X a week along with 100 band pull aparts every week.

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5) Shrugs

Shrugs are the most popular exercise used to build bigger traps and while it gets the job done, too often I see guys abusing this exercise. Pick one variation and do it 1 X per week in conjunction with the other exercises outlined above.

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