3 Keys to Getting SHREDDED While Also Getting and Staying STRONG: Part III

3 Keys to Getting SHREDDED While Also Getting and Staying STRONG: Part III

This is a guest post from Travis Stoetzel

Hey, coach Megz here. This is part 3 of a 3 part series.

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In today’s post, Travis Stoetzel will go over Key # 3 to getting shredded while also getting and staying strong.


Key #3 – Use short, HIGH INTENSITY quality Finishers to end out  your sessions right. 

Now, to put the “icing on the cake” as they say, you need to be including some HIGH INTENSITY conditioning sessions within your training, especially if you plan to get shredded and burn fat.

To get the most mileage out of your conditioning, the key is to keep your conditioning sessions SHORT and SWEET.

If their going to be short and sweet, then you’ve got to make sure their INTENSE.

I typically keep my finishers under the 12 min mark.   The reason for this is because 12 mins is typically the threshold at which people really start to fade out and their intensity level drops.  This is especially true after a session filled with strength movements and assistance exercises.

When it comes to conditioning finishers, this is where you can really start to use your imagination.  This is where you can really have some fun and add in the odd object training and other strength training implements into your routines a bit more freely.

Things like sandbags, kettlebells, bands, sleds, ect.   Your options are limitless when it comes to conditioning sessions.

There’s a whole slew of different ideas and already done-for-you Hardcore Finishers HERE.

So, with those 3 keys above, here’s a sample training session that’s actually been taken straight from our new program that’s set to be unleashed here in a few days called, STRONG and SHREDDED (the name says it all)…

This is Day 1 of Week #4:

1A) BB Military Press – Work Up To HEAVY 5 Rep Max
1B) OH Backwards Med Ball Toss X 3 EXPLOSIVE reps after each set of presses
2B) Jungle Gym Suspended Recline Row 5 X Submax
2B) Jungle Gym Suspended Push-ups 4 X Submax
3A) DB Power Shrugs 3 X 10
3B) DB Rear Delt Flies 3 X 12
4A) STRONG and Shredded Finisher:

a)Max Box Jumps in 1 Min
***Rest x 1 min
b) 8 Min Amrap
-DB or KB Goblet Squat x 8
-Chin Over Bar Pull Ups OR Recline Rows x 8
***Rest x 1 min
c) Max Box Jumps in 1 Min

As you can see with this session, you start off with some heavy strength work with the presses and from there you work through some upper body focused assistance work that will not only help aid in building strength, but will also help slap some lean muscle onto your frame.

To cash things out, you’ll see the high intensity finisher ends the session off right which again focuses in on the upper body, but at the same time challenges your full body which in turn helps crank up your fat burning furnace to full blast.

Overall a SOLID upper body based STRONG and SHREDDED training session.

If you can stick to these 3 main keys, you’ll see yourself getting LEANER and STRONGER at the same time.

It can be done!

P.S In a few days Travis and I will be launching Strong And Shredded, our 42-day system for lean muscle and brute strength.

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