3 Reasons Why You Should LIft Heavy Weights

3 Reasons Why You Should LIft Heavy Weights

Too often I see guys that are afraid to lift heavy weights or they are just afraid to push their bodies. They are too comfortable lifting and they never give themselves a real challenge. Staying within your comfort zone in the gym is a surefire way to make NO progress.

If you want to kick ass, get stronger and earn some sense of pride then I suggest you keep reading. The only way you are going to get stronger is if you lift heavy weights and if you ain’t liftng to get strong then what the hell are you doing?

Here are 3 reasons why you should lift heavy weights:

1- Nothing is more liberating then lifting heavy ass weight

“I felt strong. It was the first time a I can remember having a sense of myself. I had done something and no one could ever take it away. You couldn’t say shit to me” – Henry Rollins. If this quote doesn’t resonate with you, you are in the wrong place. The whole reason why I lift the way I lift isn’t because I want 6 pack abs or because I want to to be shredded, it’s because I want to prove to myself that I can overcome any obstacle.  Some people prefer crossfitt or doing obstacle runs, I prefer lifting heavy ass weight.

2-Walk the Walk

Louie Simmons one said “Big isn’t strong. Strong is strong”. There is nothing more embarrassing then a big ass looking dude who can’t back it up in the gym. This is why I encourage you to focus on strength in the gym. If you get stronger and you are eating for size, you will get bigger BUT if you only focus on hypertrophy in the gym you will not get stronger. So please don’t be the dude that has HUGE arms but probably can’t back it up in the gym, you’re not fooling anybody.

3- Strength is the foundation

Physical strength is the most important attribute an athlete or lifter can possess. It is the foundation upon which other athletic skills are built. Speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, power, and explosiveness are components of athletics that can be significantly improved by dramatic increases in strength.

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