3 Reasons Why You Are Not Gaining Muscle

3 Reasons Why Your Not Gaining Muscle

Growing up my goal was to be as big and strong as possible. Like every other teenager, I wanted to look just like Arnold and the other guys from the Golden Era.

My attempt to get bigger and stronger included using countless supplements, training 5 days a week for more then an hour each workout. Isolating my muscles with body part split workouts.

For as hard as I worked, I never saw the gains I thought I should have and now the reason why I had mediocre results is clear to me.

Below is a small list of the BIGGEST mistakes I made growing up that cost me size and strength.

1. I did not eat enough

This is the # 1 reason why I never packed on the size I wanted to.  Back in the day I use to think I had my base covered because I was supplementing with protein and other b.s supplements that never did much for me. Food is the most anabolic thing you can put into your body. Overtime I learned that if you wanna get big and jacked you have to eat like a brick shit house.

Check out this video below see what my typical breakfast looks like

2. I was not adding weight to the bar

Do you ever wonder why most guys look exactly the same year after year? Aside from training like a pansy, they stay within their comfort zone and never add more weight to the bar. This is exactly what I did growing up. I was so concerned about doing mechanical drop sets, supersets, triceps and all these other fancy ways to build muscle, I forgot about the most important ingredient- adding weight to the bar.

Its as simple as this, if you want to get jacked and strong you have to continually add weight to the bar.  Progressive overload is the name of the game. Show me a guy who use to bench press 225 X 3 and now benches 265 X 3 and I’ll bet he is way bigger then he was before.

3. I was not doing the right exercises

Knowing what I know now, I wish I could go back in time and kick my own ass in high school. Aside from the bench press, I had no clue what a deadlift was and forgot about doing full ROM back squats. Back then it was all about the beach muscles. If i couldn’t see it in the mirror, I probably wasn’t training it.

If you want to get jacked and strong start doing heavy pressing, squatting, deadlifting, start carrying heavy shit and do plenty of pulling.

Doing cable crossovers from 5 different angles and blasting the top, middle and bottom part of your biceps with various curls is not going get you jacked. Be a MAN and lift some heavy weight –> here’s how

 What is the biggest training you made in your training in the past few years? Drop a comment below and share. 

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  • Leor

    Solid post man. I preach this stuff to the kids at my gym all day. Its crazy to think how many people know and share this knowledge but every day more guys show up in the weight room and waste their time. Keep spreading the word and lets wash away the misinformation.

  • Thanks for your comment Leor. It always comes down to the basics!