3 Ways To Avoid Training Like The Average Meathead

3 Ways To Avoid Training Like The Average Meathead

Often times guys ask me why they aren’t getting the results they want and when I ask them how they train, there are some common flaws I see that must be avoided. Let me also say that I too have been guilty of all these mistakes BUT I have learned from them and now avoid them at all costs!

Here are my top ‘3 Ways To Avoid Training Like The Average Meathead’

1) Stop program hopping

Whatever happen to finding a program that fits your lifestyle and sticking to it? Too often I see guys start a program then just a few weeks in, they switch over to another program. We live in an ADD society and people get bored very fast. While this is unfortunate, this is good news for you because if you follow a program like my ‘Lift Like A Man’ program and stick to it you are bound to get great results.

Whatever your goal is, pick a program that will help you achieve those goals and make sure you are ready to commit to the training. Don’t be one of those guys that starts a program only to stop it and start another a few weeks later.

2) Don’t max out every week

¬†Most young dudes think they can work up to 3-5 rep maxes each week and while this may work for awhile, the truth is this will run its course. You don’t need to max out week after week to get stronger. For most of us meatheads out there and non powerlifters, we don’t need to grind reps week in and week out. Instead focus on using submximal weights and focus on dialing in your technique and moving the bar as fast as humanly possible. A few months back before I tore my pec (BTW I was doing a ton of max effort work when I tore it) I put 40 lbs on my bench press in 6 weeks and I didn’t touch a weight over 80% of my one rep max.

3) Quit eating like crap

Some guys have crazy genetics and they can literally eat like crap and still get bigger and stronger. Unfortunately for us who weren’t born with freak genetics, we need to dial in our nutrition if we want to get consistent results in the gym. Now this doesn’t mean you need to weigh your food or count calories but you need to be able to gage if what you are doing now is working and what tweaks you need to make to keep getting results.

If I am ever stuck in a rut here is what I ask myself...

  • Am I eating enough calories on a consistent basis?
  • What does my carb, fat and protein intake look like?
  • What foods do I need to start avoiding to get better results?
  • What foods do I need to start eating to get better results?

Let’s face it, you know what you need to eat but oftentimes if you aren’t critical and analyzing if what you are currently doing is working, it’s easy to overlook these things. If you want to get consistently stronger then avoid making these mistakes above.

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  • Hit the nail on the head Joe, especially with #2. I like what Dan John says on a similar topic. I am paraphrasing, but basically, I don’t care if you add 5 pounds to your lift, call me when you add 25+. Basically meaning, don’t try and set a max PR every freaking week instead get good at lifting a sub-maximal weight and the strength will come.


  • Kyle, thanks for you comment bro. I think it really depends on the lifter. Newer lifters or athletes will get stronger week after week but for more advanced guys (that aren’t powerlifters) you can’t just max out every week and exact to keep adding weigh to the bar. While this may work for some, it isn’t the way I recommend doing it, instead this is where submaximal training comes in. That’s why I love Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1