4 Killer Ways To Improve Your Pull-ups

4 Killer Ways To Improve Your Pull-ups

Back in the day when I was 15 years old I was able to bench press 300 lbs but I was not able to do 5 strict pull-ups! During my high school days I trained like a complete jackass but that is besides the point. Over the years my training has changed drastically and now pull-ups have become a staple in my training.

Simply put, pull-ups are a great test of relative upper body strength and a great way to build a strong and jacked back. Below are 4 killer ways to improve your pull-ups.

1) Loose fat

How many fat SOB’s do you know that can do a ton of  pull-ups? Probably not that many. The key to doing a lot of pull-ups is relative body strength. If you are carrying around extra unneeded weight you are limiting your ability to do pull-ups.

2) Do them in-between sets of your main exercises

One of the easiest ways to get better at pull-ups is to add them in-between sets of squats, deadlifts and whatever else is on your training agenda. So let’s say you do 6 X 3 on squats, do 3-5 pull-ups in-between each set while you rest. Each workout and each week start increasing the volume. Pavel refers to this as greasing the grove and it is the exact method I have used to take my athletes from doing 4-6 pull-ups to 15+.

3) Do them everyday 

Dan John once said “if it’s important do it everyday”. Look at the way Olympic lifters train. They do cleans, snatches and squats EVERYDAY, is it any wonder why they so jacked up and strong as hell? If its your off day and your not at the gym, crank out pull-ups at your home, just make sure you get it done!

4) Learn proper technique

Technique is critical to learn for not only optimal performance but also safety. Stop doing pull-ups like a littler girl. Step-up, learn how to do them right and start lifting like a man.


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