5 Reasons Why You should Squat

“Everybody does squats: weightlifters, bodybuilders, football players, track athletes and even ballet dancers. The squat increases the power, speed and spring of the legs. When practiced with heavy breathing, it permanently expands the rib cage. It can help you gain weight. It can help you lose weight. with these multiple benefits, the squat goes on record and the best all-around exercise.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Here are 5 reasons why you should squat

 1. Squats build huge legs

Nothing is more embarrassing then a dude with a HUGE upper body with chicken legs. Real men have bIg legs and this start and ends with the squat. Simply put, if you want huge legs you need to squat.

Check out this video of Arnold and Ed Corney squatting:

YouTube Preview Image

2. Squats are the ultimate test of lower body strength

In the powerlifting community there are 3 tests of strength- the bench, the squat and the deadlift. When it comes to the lower body, the squat reigns supreme. If you want to brag about how strong your legs are, you better be able to squat some serious weight

Check out this video of Fred Hatfield, AKA Dr. Squat squatting 1,000 lbs:

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3. Squats will improve your manhood

For guys like us, lifting weights is about much more then just getting big. It’s about becoming mentally and physically stronger. There’s nothing more gratisify then facing a challenge and crushing it. This is why we love to break personal records and love to train heavy. For us, it’s about earning our man card and improving our manhood.

I can’t think of anything much more manlier then Tom Platz squatting 500 lbs for 23 reps!

YouTube Preview Image

4. Squats improve Mobility

One of the best ways to improve mobility is to squat! When I first got to college, I was extremely tight, I couldn’t even touch my toes! After making exercises like squats, RDL’s and lunges staples in my program, my mobility vastly improved.

5. Squats get your abs strong

While the squat is usually classified as a lower body exercise, but it is also a great builder of ab strength. It’s impossible to squat a lot of weight without strong abs. If you ever squatted with a weighted belt, you know exactly how important your abs are during the squat. If your abs are weak, you will not be able to effectively create enough tension to move big weights.

I want to hear you feedback. WHY DO YOU SQUAT? Drop a comment below

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    I want to hear you feedback. WHY DO YOU SQUAT? Drop a comment below.