4 Upper Body Exercises Athletes Should Never Do

4 Upper Body Exercises Athletes Should Never Do

As an athlete, your number one goal is to safely improve athletic performance. Performing exercises that increase muscle size but offer little or no performance benefit can lead to stiff joints and slow muscles—the exact opposite of what you need as an athlete. Also, such bodybuilding exercises can put you at risk for injury, negating all of your hard work in the weight room.

Before you perform an exercise, ask yourself: “how will this make me a better athlete?” If you can’t easily answer that question, it’s probably an exercise you should avoid, to be replaced with a more functional movement.

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  • These areticle are great – especially to me being a 38 year old trying to keep up with guys 10-15 years younger than me. You know what I would loive to see… A do this not that for athletes set of post/articles for each major muscle group (not just upper/lower body) ie. Bi, tri, hams, shoulder, etc… Also, would love something on strengthening the rotar cuff and shoulder joint. thanks

  • Hey Chris, Thanks for your comment. I will defiantly look into doing this! Keep checking in, I really appreciate the feedback.