5 Awesome Ways To Increase Your Bench Press

5 Awesome Ways To Increase Your Bench Press

1. Train with people stronger then you

No matter how strong you think you are, there are always people out there stronger then you. If you want to get stronger, start training with them. The atmosphere you train in is HUGE. Personally, I train by myself BUT I still have a kick ass atmosphere to train in at the Underground Strength gym and that keeps me in the zone.

Training with others that are stronger then you will motivate you and force you to get stronger if you want to keep lifting with them. In other words, you have no option then to get stronger. If you’re like me and you train alone, that is okay…Just make sure you have a kick ass atmosphere to train in.

2. Improve your technique

If there was one tip that could INSTANTLY improve your bench press, it would be improving your technique. Mastering the setup of the bench press is huge for not only getting stronger but also safety. I’ve found the key to a good setup in the bench press is getting very uncomfortable, especially in the middle to upper part of your back. If your comfortable, then you are not tight enough!.

While there are many different ways to setup from the bench press, below is a video of how I setup for mine.

Here are some quick tips…

Get a big arch

Make sure you get tight and get uncomfortable under the bar

As you unrack the bar, continue to arch hard.

Keep your elbows tucked

Think about driving your heels down through the ground.

3. Add weight to the bar

This one is really a no brainier. Nobody gets stronger pushing the same dam weight week in and week out. Stop being a p***y and start adding weight to the bar. No excuses here, add some dam weight to the bar if you want to get stronger!

4. Attack your weakness

The 3 places where people miss in the bench press are 1-off the chest, 2-midrange and 3-at lockout

What to do if you are missing off the chest?

If you are missing off the chest work on a better setup and really dialing in your technique. This has helped me the most. Doing speed work will submxaimal weights has also helped with being stronger off your chest.

What to do if you are missing midrange?

Dead benches or pin presses is an awesome exercise I learned from Josh Bryant that has helped tremendously with strength at mid range. Dead benches can also help with speed off the chest if you set it up at a lower pin.Other exercises like 2 board press and floor press will help with midrange strength

What to do if you are missing at lockout?

Work on your triceps strength! High board presses or rack lockouts are a great way to overload the triceps and help improve lockout strength.

5. Train your back like crazy

Everybody thinks if you want a bigger bench you have to bench, bench and bench some more. Truth is you need a thick and strong back to have a big bench because these muscles help stabilize during the bench press. If you do not have a solid foundation to lift from, you will never reach your potential in the bench press.

Exercises like chest supported rows, bent over barbell rows, 1 arm dumbbell rows and pull-ups will help build a strong and stable back needed for a big bench.

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  • Aaron

    Personally, I found working shoulders with overhead press increased my bench, and moved the sticking point from touching my chest (where it had been for a year)… to the mid range haha. So thats one thing to try haha. Thanks for the tip on dead benches, will try them!