5 Deadlift Questions Answered

Hey joe, I’m interested in getting your program, but I got a couple questions…
1) Does Deadlift Like a Man include squats or is it just deadlifts for lower body?
Yes! While day 1 is your deadlift day, day 2 focuses around the squat. This is a killer combination that will help YOU increase your deadlift.
2) Does it mainly revolve around using barbells and not machines (I prefer free weights)? Also, for upper body, other than bench press what other movements does it incorporate (overhead press, etc)?
This program includes barbells, dumbbells and your own bodyweight. No need for any fancy equipment, just the good old basics will get the job done. It’s the perfect program if you have a home gym or train at a typical big box gym.
3) Does it have info on how to maintain bodyweight while increasing strength-to-bw ratios? I’m about 5’10 180lbs and don’t really want to get any bigger or smaller…maybe a 10-15lb increase at most.
This program does not cover nutrition as I have covered that in my other programs. If you’re goal is to maintain your weight, just monitor your nutrition closely. If your maintaining weight then keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re loosing or gaining too much then adjust your nutrition accordingly. 

4) Does the program help increase explosiveness for vertical jumping? I’ve read from Ryan Munsey that it includes contrast training? Also, does it include plyometrics or other jumping exercises?
>Absolutely. One of the benefits of having a big deadlift is the strength you will gain in your posterior chains – your glutes, hamstrings and lower back. These are the muscles that are responsible for making you jump higher and being more explosive. If you want to focus on jumping higher then you can pair box jumps, broad jumps or vertical jumps with the main exercise of the day. This will be the ultimate 1-2 punch and deliver you killer results in terms of vertical jump.
5) Will the program help to gain lean muscle and shed fat simultaneously or would I have to get your other program for that?
This program can help you do that, but lifting is only part of the equation. While you will be training properly to gain lean muscle and shed fat, you’re going have to dial your nutrition in to amplify those results. You may also have to add in some “cardio” 1-3 days a week.
I hope these answered your questions. If you’re interested in adding up to 50lbs on your deadlift in as little as 12 weeks, click here and I’ll show you how.< PS Do you want more muscle and strength building tips? Enter your email address below to download your FREE Muscle Building Cheat Sheets.
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