5 Training Tips To Build Bigger Arms

5 Tips To Build Bigger and Stronger Arms

New Years is right around the corner, and while I am not a big fan of new years resolution, there is no better time then right now to start eating, training and living better.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you probably wouldn’t mind seeing your arms grow quite a bit this new year. Below are 5 tips to get you started:

1) Focus on overloading the triceps

Overloading the triceps with partial ROM bench press variations is not only a great way to increase your bench press, but also a great way to increase the size and strength of your arms. Most guys overlook the importance of doing dips, floor presses, board presses to increase the size of their arms, don’t make this mistake!

Using a close grip is another great way to build bigger and stronger arms:

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2) Train bi’s and tri’s together¬†

A great finisher to any arm workout is a superset of bi’s and tri’s. Training the arms together will give you a great pump and really hammer your arms hard after some heavier lifting.

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3) Use your own bodyweight

There are a ton of great bodyweight exercises you can start doing to build bigger and stronger arms. On exercises like push-ups and chin-ups, use various grips to hit your arms from various angles.

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4) Use fat gripz

Fat gripz are one of the best way to train both your grip, forearms and arms at the same time. Every serious lifter should have a pair of these in his gym bag. Throw these bad boys on whenever you do pressing exercises and direct arm work for greater results in less time.







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5) Do heavy back work

If you want bigger and stronger biceps, hitting your back hard with various rows and deadlifts is a must. While doing this alone isn’t enough to build bigger arms, these lifts should be a staple in your training because they lay the foundation for big arms to be build.

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