5 Ways To Get Ripped For Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner and my email inbox has been flooded with questions about how to get ripped up quickly. We’ve all seen the guys and girls at the gym doing endless hours of cardio on the elliptical or treadmill and I would bet you most of these people look the same year after year. There’s a better solution to getting ripped and below I’ll share with you 5 tips to help you lose stubborn fat, while maintaining your muscle mass and strength levels.

1) Add high intensity “finishers” to your workouts.

One of the best ways to start the fat burning process is adding in 5-10 minute finishers at the end of your normal workouts.  These short but intense finishers are awesome because they will help you burn more fat in less time then traditional cardio and help you burn fat around the clock. Start with shorter finishers and as your conditioning improves you can start to work up towards 10-12 minutes plus add in more sessions each week.

If you’re looking for the best cardio workouts, make sure you checkout Renegade Cardio. It has over 50 finishers that will help you get ripped in 10 minutes or less.

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2) Clean up your diet

Nothing is more important to getting ripped then cleaning up your diet. There is no magic diet but I’ll offer you a few recommendations to get you started. Start by cutting out all processed foods, liquid calories. Once you do that, limit your carb intake and bump up your protein and fat intake. Think like a caveman, if it doesn’t grow in the ground, swim in the sea or walk on land, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. I’ve had really good success with intermittent fasting in the past and highly recommend it if your looking to shed body fat. Click here to learn more about intermittent fasting.

3) Start sprinting 

Not many things are better for shedding fat then sprinting, especially if you can do it uphill. Start with 1 day a week of sprints. Each week slowly increase the distance and the frequency of your sprint workouts.


4) Focus on strength and performance in the gym

This is the biggest factor most guys overlook when it comes to getting ripped. Instead of training for strength and performance, their workouts turn into 45 minutes of straight circuits, high reps and other bullshit. If you plan on getting ripped, you need to fix your diet first. You can’t out train a bad diet. Simply put, your workouts should be designed around improving performance – this means you should be trying to get stronger and more conditioned. If you do this and eat right, you’re going get the body you want.

5) Increase physical activity on “off” days

To speed up the fat burning process, it’s important that you are active on off days. You can do workouts from Renegade Cardio or just go for a morning walk or bike ride. If you have any hobbies that involve physical activity, off days are a great day to do. The key is to just get off your ass and MOVE!

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