6 Ways To Deadlift Like A Man

6 Ways To Deadlift Like A Man

If there is one thing I really love talking about, it’s the deadlift. Maybe I am a little bias because it is my favorite and best lift, but regardless it’s the lift I know best. While I am not the best deadlifter in the world, I have put up some decent numbers. At the age of 20 and bodyweight of 196 1/2 I pulled 600.

Without any further ado here are 6 tips for you to start deadlifting like a champion…

1- Increase frequency

Dan John, once said if you want to get good at something then do it everyday. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating loading up the bar with 5 plates and deadlift everyday BUT simply put, if you want to get good at anything start doing it more often. If you are pulling 1X a week increase it to 2X a week.

2-Attack your weakness

Finding your sticking point in the deadlift is critical. Personally, I know I am weak off the floor so in order to eliminate this sticking point I use deficit deadlifts and speed pulls as assistance exercises. For others, midpoint or lockout will be an issue. Find out what your weakness is and attack it with the proper assistance exercises.

3-Drop the bar in-between reps

A lot of lifters and coaches don’t like deadlifts because it takes too long to recover from. Instead of scrapping the deadlift try dropping the bar in-between reps. This has made a  huge difference in my ability  to recover from deadlifting. Give this a shot and let me know how you recover.

4-Perfect your technique

Learning proper technique is important for not only safety reasons but also performance. Here is a killer video from James “Smitty” Smith on how to deadlift. Check it out

5-Find out what stance works best for YOU

You have 2 different options here sumo deadlifts or conventional deadlifts. Personally I’ve used both and I am stronger pulling conventional. The sumo deadlift seams like it would be easier because the range of motion is shorter, but all depends on your strengths and weaknesses. For me personally, I have long arms and long legs and my back and quads are stronger then my glutes and hamstrings.  This explains why I am better at conventional deadlifts. Experiment with both stances and see what works best for YOU.

Here is some video of one of my latest conventional deadlift sessions…

Here is a video of me sumo deadlifting last summer

6-Train your back like a beast

One of the big things that took my deadlift from 500lbs to 600lbs was how much stronger my back got. Here are a few of the exercises I use to get my back strong as hell

  • Pull-ups
  • 1 arm DB rows
  • Chest supported rows
  • T Bar Rows
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Back
  • Deadlift Hypers

What tips have helped you improve your deadlift? Drop a comment and let us know!


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