7 Kick Ass Fitness Gifts for the Holidays

With the holidays around the corner I wanted to share my top 7 holiday fitness gifts with you. These are all products that I purchased myself and have used over the years. For more information on more I use any of these tools drop a comment below!
Blast Straps– I love gymnastic rings but they are not really versatile. For this reason I recommend blast straps. They are awesome for accessory work after your main lifts to help improve strength and are also great in season for injury prevention and rehab.  They are VERY DURABLE  and will not break not matter how much weight you use

Fat Gripz- These are awesome for making any bar or dumbbell THICK. These are awesome for building grip strength which is a weakness is many athletes.  Also VERY DURABLE.

Foam Roller & Lacrosse ball- Soft tissue work is a staple in my program and the program of my athletes. We use it as our pre warm-up and as active recovery in-between sets and after workouts. Also great on off days to help promote recovery!
High Density Foam Rollers
Monster Stick– This is great because it allows you to work on areas that are hard to get with the foam roller & lacrosse ball. Improves your mobility greatly!
Adidas Power Perfect   II Weightlifting Shoes- I purchased a pair of these a couple weeks ago and I love them. Aside from using them for the Olympic lifts they are perfect for the squat because they allow you to reach depth easier and help your spine maintain proper alignment throughout the movement.
EliteFTS Bands-These bands are extremely versatile and can be used for prehab/rehab (band pull a parts, TKE’s, X band walks) and also for accommodating resistance (dynamic squats, deadlifts and bench press). Also great for extra resistance on pushups and assistance on pull ups for.

Power Wheel-By Ab roll outs w/ the power wheel are a staple in my program because they are by far the best tool to train the abs. The power wheel is also great for walking on your hands and performing other kick ass exercises.

If you already own ANY of these gifts for the holiday press the “like” button below. Feel free to share how you use it by dropping a comment below. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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  • Great ideas! I’ve got the Fat Gripz, Bands, Power Wheel, and Jungle Gym Straps (similar to Blast Straps) already and I love ’em!


  • Hey Josh,

    Thanks for your comment. I checked out your website. Really great stuff. Do you train a lot of athletes?