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Hi, my name is Joe Meglio. I am the owner of Meglio Performance Systems LLC and a strength and conditioning specialist at the Underground Strength Gym in Edison, New Jersey. Over the years I have worked with over 100 athletes at the high school, college and professional level. My journey started back when I was 13 and a freshman in high school.

In the winter of my freshman year we had mandatory lifting for the high school baseball team. The weight room was an old dingy garage with rusted weights, no heat or air condition, a squat rack and a few benches.  I began to fall in love with the old school atmosphere of my high school gym.

While I loved to train, I had no idea what I was doing. I would follow workouts that I found in bodybuilding and Men’s Fitness magazines. My goal back then was to just get bigger, I had no clue that what I was doing was actually hurting my performance on the baseball field.

Eventually I realized my body building routine wasn’t cutting it. I was getting bigger but I was all show and no go. I remember bench pressing 300 lbs a few weeks before by 16th birthday but I couldn’t do 5 good pull-ups! I realized my training was very flawed and I began to dig a little deeper.

Once I got to college, I started doing more research on how to improve my performance.  I started training everyday people and athletes at a globo gym before I decided that was not the type of atmosphere I wanted to work in. I then started training my clients outdoors at the parks and other random places.

During this time I came across Zach Even-Esh’s website. I remember staying up till 3A.M watching his YouTube videos and studying his training methods. Needless to say I was completely hooked. In 2009 I was fortunate enough to get an internship with Zach and I haven’t looked back since.

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Moving forward my goal is to transform the way athletes train and to educate coaches, parents and players on the proper way to train for their sport.  While I do train a variety of athletes, my focus is baseball. I have played baseball my whole life, including four years at Fairleigh Dickinson University, where I was captain of the baseball team my senior year.

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I can tell you first hand that most baseball players are misguided and are ill-informed about how to enhance their performance.  My goal is to transcend the baseball community and educate them on how baseball player’s should train.   For more information on me and my unique training methods please check out


Why Should You Trust me?

  • Worked with the NY Yankees Strength & Conditioning Coach

Major League Strength

  • Consulted with the Tampa Bay Rays Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Contributor to magazines including STACK Magazine and Today’s Man

Stack Magazine

real deal baseball training

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Check out what some of my athletes & colleagues say

“Joe is the most committed AND knowledgeable coach I’ve ever had at The Underground Strength Gym. His commitment to understand every aspect of a Baseball player’s game is second to none. Coacg Megz leaves NOTHING on the table when it comes to giving his Baseball players the edge over their competition. He incorporates all the critical aspects in the development of strength, speed and power all the way down to fine tuning weak areas, addressing injuries and utilizing flexibility, prehab & rehab protocols blended into a complete package.Don’t let his young age fool you. He’s not just some “kid”. He is professional beyond what my words can describe and his commitment to helping Baseball players is what he lives, breathes and bleeds. Joe Meglio is the real deal!”
Zach Even – Esh – Founder, Underground Strength Gym
Zach Even-Esh

“Joe’s program is the real deal for serious athletes trying to reach their max potential. Joe has increased my confidence and my own personal goals on and off the field with his rigorous training. In just a few weeks, I have seen dramatic results in my strength and speed. Joe’s attitude and knowledge in the weight room is unlike any other when it comes to strength coaches.“I’ve tried many different training programs and I can honestly say that Joe’s program is one of the only ones that have helped me reach my goals. It has helped me get in the best baseball shape of my life and has translated to my on-field performance. I recommend that any baseball player, get on Joe’s program and experience it for yourself!”

Ryan Flannery, Pitcher New York Yankees


“Joe’s program has changed my entire lifestyle. It has given me the motivation to achieve my goals and play at the college level. I strongly recommend his program to any athlete looking for seriously results and boost their confidence. I feel healthier and stronger every day. If you want an edge on your opponents and be the best, Meglio Fitness is the way to go!”

Doug Wells, Post University Baseball

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