AMPED Seminar Recap

AMPED Seminar Review

This weekend I was luckily enough to attend James Smith’s and Joe Defranco’s first ever AMPED Seminar at DeFranco’s Gym. Needless to say this seminar kicked some serious ass. Whenever you get a chance to learn from the best  and most knowledgeable guys in the industry, you better do whatever you can to get your ass there.

I loved this seminar because it was real world stuff that I was able to start doing with my athletes the next day. Saturday night I could barely sleep because I was so excited for Sunday.  I was pumped up to learn a ton of new info and Joe D and Smitty did not disappoint!

Jim Smith AMPED

For the first half of the day Joe and Smitty went over soft tissue work with a foam roller, lacrosse ball and double lacrosse ball.  I learned a ton of new concepts and ideas that I never really used before on myself or my athletes. I’ve always used the foam roller and lacrosse ball and make sure my athletes do as well but never in the way Smitty taught us on Sunday. If you want to learn more about the new techniques I learned sign up for my newsletter by entering your name and email into the sign up form to the right of this post.

After Joe and Smitty took as through 20 minutes of soft tissue work, they got into mobility and activation drills. Not only did I learn a ton of new drills but Joe and Smitty also drilled us with the proper technique and coaching ques. All in all we went through more than 80 mobility drills. By this time it was lunch time.

After lunch is when the real fun started-the training 🙂 Joe and Smitty took us threw a complete full body warm up which included basic callistinics, movement prep mobility drills, activation drills and ended with a few drills to excite our CNS.  Then started the training-5 different stations including, tire flipping, med ball throws, hand over hand prowler pull plus push, box jumps and box squats. Joe, Smitty and their crew each took one station and spend about 20 minutes with each group. The training was a lot of fun.

Joe DeFranco AMPED

Major Lessons Learned

The biggest lesson I learned is to keep the warm up organic. The warm up does not have to be set in stone and it does not always have to follow the same progression. Feel it out and see what works best for you. For some this may mean doing soft tissue work first then doing some mobilization drills followed by activation drills. For others it may mean doing mobilty drills first then getting into soft tissue work towards the end of it.

The warm up doesn’t have to end once the workout starts. If you are feeling banged up then do some extra drills or soft tissue work. Do whatever you need to do to prep your body for the workout. While I always have my athletes do some form of active recovery in between sets, most people don’t utilize the time they are resting. Usually I will have my athletes do a set of 3-5 pull ups for extra volume or do some mobility drills or extra rolling out.

Always watch out for signs of over training. Doing too little is much better than doing too much. A lot of coaches and athletes get caught up in designing the perfect program on paper, but what happens if the athlete had a rough night or is banged up? Always be prepared to change things on the fly and don’t feel like you have to follow a program to the T if your not feeling so hot.

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