Meet Mike Deddo, AKA Army Ranger

For the past 4 months, I have had the pleasure of coaching Mike Deddo,  a recent high school graduate  who just left for the West Point Military Academy with the dream of becoming an Army Ranger.

Over the past 4 months, I’ve seen a huge transformation in Mike. He has been through some grueling workouts that challenged him not only physically but mentally as well. The results he has seen has been nothing short of amazing and I know he is going kick some major ass in his future at West Point. Aside from improving his strength and conditioning, Mike’s confidence is now through the roof

“Whenever things get rough, I am going to think about every single workout and rep I’ve done here over the pat 4 months and that will push me to go further”-Mike AKA Army Ranger 

A lot fitness professionals, including myself, use the terms “badass” and “beast” to describe our style of training but in all honesty, what we do in the gym is nothing compared to what guys like Mike will be going through. These guys are the real badasses and the true beasts among us. They are willing to sacrifice so much just to protect and serve our country.

It takes a real man to sacrifice the “normal” college life to go off to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Mike has inspired me so much over the past four months, it is hard to put into words. We can all learn something from the people that protect and serve this country.

Check out this quick video I did with Mike during his last training session.

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P.S Click here to check out the exact system that this future Army Ranger has been using for the past 4 months of training. 

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