Baseball In Season Workouts

Im getting ready to begin a long college season that I am well prepared for. Over my winter break I did Matt Wichlinski’s program that i forwarded to you a couple months ago. I made tremendous gains in everything and the most important aspect, the basebal field. So this leads me to my first question. What should I do to maintain all my gains I made in the weightroom while staying healthy? Also, I am a two way player. I play outfield, second base, and pitch frequently so my shoulders are taking a real beating on the field. I do a lot of shoulder work, soft tissue work, and mobility frequently. I also incorporated 100 band pull aparts in to my daily routine usually afteri throw or work with our strength and conditioning coach. So my second question is how can i prevent overuse injuries since I do a lot of throwing on a daily basis. I apologize for the long question. Thanks again Coach Megz -Chase

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