Baseball Strength Training

Today at the gym I had a conversation with one of the Underground athletes who plays D 1 baseball down in the south  and he was telling me how his coaches make him run two miles at some practices. How is it that strength coaches and baseball coaches at the  D 1 level advocate long distance running for baseball players? This isn’t the first time I’ve herd this. To make things more mind boggling I’ve even herd of strength coaches advocating this at the professional level.  The idea of long distance running for baseball is one of the biggest myths in regards to baseball strength training. This conversation I had tonight made me want to call out all coaches who advocate long distance running and light weight, high rep training.

About 7 months ago I wrote an article for EliteFTS on baseball strength training and why being strong is so important for baseball.  Check out this excerpt from my article:

“Aside from skill, physical strength is the most important attribute an athlete can possess. It is the foundation upon which other athletic skills are built. Speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, power, and explosiveness are components of baseball that can be significantly improved by dramatic increases in strength. Baseball is a ballistic sport that involves quick and explosive movements. In order to increase power and speed, you must have a solid base and foundation to build on. The best athletes have incredible relative body strength. Simply put, strong baseball players who are able to produce forceful contractions will be more successful than weak players who rely on skill only. The combination of skill and strength will help baseball players reach their maximum potential.”

Check out the rest of the article on baseball strength training. Check out this video to say how I create BASEBALL BEASTS


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