Baseball Workout of the Week

Baseball workout of the week

Check out this kick ass workout that I put my high school baseball players through this week.


Here it is:

1) Sumo Deadlifts-3 X 5 (after your warm-up sets)

2A) Ring Push ups- 5 X submax

2B) Rope Recline Rows- 5 X submax

3A) KB Farmer Walks-  3 X 1 lap

3B) KB Swings- 3 X 10

4) Prowler Sprints- 16 X 10 yard sprints

5) Grip/Abs- 3 rounds

The guys are crushing it. I had some guys perform the trap bar deadlift instead of sumo deads. 2 of my guys did dumbbell benching instead of ring push ups. Feel free to hit the kettlebells or the big farmer handles for the farmer walks.

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  • Dan

    Hey Joe…I will definitely give this workout a run for its money this week..also like your article on the Warrior Diet! How do I modify the portions for guys of different bodyweights? Thanks for the good work! Dan

  • Dan,

    Sorry for the late response. Won’t let it happen again! How did you like this workout?

    Have you tried the Warrior Diet? Let me know if you still have any questions with it, I would love to help you…

    Talk soon,

    Coach Megz