Battling Ropes 101

battling ropes 101

Check out this video about everything you need to know about battling ropes


Benefits of Battling Ropes

-Improve shoulder health

-No eccentric phase

-Excellent for upper body and full body conditioning

-Great for fat burning

-Improve mental toughness

Sample workouts:

1) 30 Seconds on 60 seconds off

-Pick 3 different exercises and perform each for 10 seconds

-i.e Big Slams, Jumping Jacks, Snap Downs

2) 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 4+ minutes

-Pick two different exercises and rotate them after one round of 20 seconds

-i.e Circles In for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds then perform circles out for 20 seconds.

3) Do battling ropes in the plank position. Do each arm for 15-30 seconds each. Rest 60-90 seconds

-Check out the end of the video above to see how this is done

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