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How Would You Like A 12-Week Upper Body Program To Enhance Your Deadlift Like A Man Program?


Here Is What You’ll Discover Inside Beast Upper Body Workouts:

  • 12-Week Upper Body Program…You will get instant access to 12-weeks of done for you upper body workouts. These workouts will help build your deadlift by using the best upper body lifts that have been proven to increase your deadlift.
  • Each workout will start with a heavy pressing exercise coupled with a rowing exercise to help build size and strength.
  • We follow this up with supplemental lifts to bring up common weak points that are limiting your upper body pressing power and deadlift.
  • Each workout finishes with some direct arm and upper back work to help build a pair of rock solid guns and a yoke that won’t go unnoticed.

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NOTE: Beast Upper Body Workouts is a downloadable e-book. A physical product will not be shipped. After you place your order, you will have access to download the ebook as a PDF through Adobe Reader and save it directly to your computer. The e-book format is a PDF and can be viewed on both Macs and PCs. Once you invest in this ebook, you will gain access to the ebook within 5 minutes.

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