Breaking Personal Records

Today was a great day. At 2 o’clock I trained my newest athlete, Billy Winters, and he didn’t disappoint. He trained his ass off and even was ballsy enough to come back for round 2 tonight for some crazy conditioning. From 4-8 I did some serious coaching and was able to get in a quick training session in as well. Since I have been in season I have been training full body lifts, 2-3 days per week. A lot of people say don’t train heavy in season. I say screw that. In order to maintain levels of maximal strength I think you need to train heavy in season. With that said, I hit a personal record on the trap bar deadlift tonight, 585lbs on the low handles. This is a great accomplishment for me because in the off season I hit 585 but on the high handles.

This just goes to show that strength is a skill. You must constantly work at it to get stronger. Since I am in season I have been deadlifting more than usual to give my knees a break. For those of you that don’t know, I am a catcher and while I never have had any knee problems, I don’t plan on getting any in the near future. Every time I deadlift, my technique improves and I get use to handling heavier loads. This is what everyone should strive for because the only way to get stronger is to add weight to the bar!

This brings me to my next point- you should always track your records and have goals in mind. Keep these goals realistic and small. If you deadlift 300 lbs, your goal should not be to deadlift 400 lbs. instead, it should be to hit 305 and so on. Constant progression is the key to success! Each week you should strive to hit some sort of personal record in your indicator lift. In addition to breaking records by pumping out a heavier weight, records can also be set by doing an extra rep or more volume. For example, if last week you benched 275 for 5 reps and this week you hit 275 for 6 or 7 reps, this is a new personal record. Keep in mind that you will not break records every week. It’s just the nature of the beast but do your best to constantly progress slowly.

Joe Meglio
Performance Enhancement Coach

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