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Meet Mike Cramberg…Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.57.11 AM

I started out as a big boy, 280lbs of binge drinking, over smoking, overeating heart attack waiting to happen. Then I thought I had a heart attack at 28 and that kinda woke me up. I had quit drinking by this time but had really no been taking care of myself. I still smoked way too much and was living on energy drinks and greasy bar food.

So I started the turn around. I started eating better, then due to some speed bumps on the road of life I found myself with a new job, a woman who would become my wife and inspiration and a new outlook on life. I started walking and got myself down to 220lbs. Pretty good, I could actually see my ribs for the first time since before high school. There was something missing tho.

Then, about 2 years ago, I met my current lifting partner. Mike McIntyre is a semi sadistic man who loves to work hard and to push others to their limits of performance. He introduced me to power lifting and I haven’t looked back. I started out with horrible form and only able to squat about 225lbs. Just this past February I reset my one rep max at 485lbs.

I have started competing in Scottish Highland games and feel like a million dollars. My wife loves it and I have so much fun. The best part is, I am know weighing in around 255lbs and still wearing the clothes from when I was 220! I have gone from a bad example of how to live to a healthy and happy person. I haven’t had a drink in 9 years, haven’t had a cigarette in 5 and don’t miss them in the slightest…now if I miss a day at the gym, that is a different story. Below is a before shot of me on a deck and then several after shots. Thanks for reading my story.

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Meet Chris Brownlee…chris brownlee

Here’s my story. I’ve always been the big guy. Aka the fat ass. I was involved in drugs and other affairs as a teenager. I watched my mom suffer from cancer for 4 yrs. She eventually died from brain cancer when I was 22. I went in a downward spiral and not giving a shit about anything. Well something happened in 2011 where I woke up and found God again, which was very difficult for me. June 2011 I weighed 315 lbs 46% bf. I started dieting and focused on boxing. I lost 75 lbs my first year. Then in August 2012 I began working out and doing strength training. I now weigh 219lbs 20% bf.I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past two years and I’ve met go of the pain of my mom. I moved in with my grandmother to take care of her since she isnt going to make much longer. I want to make them both proud of me and I’m striving to be the best man I can. The past is my learning lesson and the future is mine to write. Lifting has given me courage to try new things and the ability to know failure comes with life, it’s just how you deal with the failure.

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Meet Kedric Kwan…kedric

I started out as a small scrawny mediocre athlete. I wanted to be better and dominate my sport. That made me look into training and then I stumbled upon lifting. Little that I know, that day changed my life forever.

From the day I stumbled upon lifting I have drastically improved the way I look and perform on the field. That however is not the main pint of the story.This story is about how lifting changed me from the inside.

The 3 Things I learned from lifting are : determination, consistency and hard work.

Just like how we need the drive to lift, in life we need to be able to have that drive to improve everyday. It made a a better person by constantly reminding me that I need to be better and I need to hate mediocrity. I must never give up when it’s hard. Right now I’m a strength coach in my country where Strength training is not a huge thing. I won’t give up because I desire to be the best.

Consistency. We need to get in the gym and get out. Make sure not to skip a training because we feel lazy. It’s the same for life, to improve my abilities I need to feed myself with the necessary knowledge, every damn day. This will translate to better coaching abilities and the ability to help others perform better.

hard Work. If you are afraid to put in the work you will never grow stronger. Lifting thought me this. Even though I do not have any support, I know that in order to be the best I need to work hard. What drives me to be better? Changing the life of others through my abilities.

This is how lifting changed my life, in the same way, I am trying to change the life of others with the values I learned.

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Meet Jordan Anderson…jordan anderson

A couple years ago my parents split up, my girlfriend of 2 and a half years up and left me out of the blue, and I was cut from the college football team I was on for two years all in the span of a month. I didn’t know any way out but to turn to alcohol. I abused alcohol to the limit. I was drinking 5, 6, sometimes 7 days a week. At the time I thought it was the only way to deal with my problems. After the semester ended I got a 2.0 gpa and if my gpa was any lower I would have been put on probation. I knew I had to get my act together. I had a strong growing interest in Brian Cushing, watching him excel on the football field. I saw he was a freak so i youtube’d a few of his clips working out and was hooked. At this time I was still hooked on alcohol, when one day I came across an article written by Joe DeFranco who responded to a kid talking about his alcohol problems. He told the story of a kid who did everything he could in the weight room and he took his nutrition seriously and he never made excuses. This kid was very popular and everybody respected him for the decisions he made, and when he got drafted, they went out to the bars and instead of partying the kid sipped on water, and went out to his vehicle to eat chicken breasts, and have a protein shake. The guy ended up being Brian Cushing. People accuse him of being a cheater but people don’t know how hard he works. Brian Cushing inspired my to turn the corner and start doing stuff the right way. The first ever program I got on was The Ultimate Bench Program by Mike Guadango and my bench went from 275 to 325. My weight also went from a fat 220 @22% body fat to 190 @12% body fat. Instead of chosing to go out to parties and the bars I often stay in and read articles written by top strength coaches and video blogs. My gpa after being a 2.0 has gone up to a 3.0. Lifting weight helped define who I am. I was in deep depression and didn’t want to live. Now I am the happiest I’ve ever been and am an amateur strongman and power lifter. My best bench is now 405, my deadlift is 515 and my squat is 455 all while being under 200 pounds.

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MeetĀ Adam Stavast…adam

Istarted at sixteen. I was weak and skinny and had no idea what I was doing. I struggled and struggled and read anything and everything I could find on lifting weights and getting stronger. As time went on I got stronger, healthier, and felt better than I ever had. Lifting to me is an absolute must for life.

With it a person can and will overcome hardship and tribulation. Life is full of unwanted things, but the Iron does not comment it simply is there to aid you in your frustration. Lifting like a man is this lift with all your whole being to strengthen yourself in service of others. Use that strength that you develop to aid everyone you can. At one point most men were weak and became strong through training.

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Meet Tatyana Battaglia…Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.14.02 PM

My name is Tatyana and I’ve been working out for as long as I can remember. However, I NEVER considered “lifting” as part of my work-out regimen. I was always involved in cardio and thought that lifting would make me grow “bulky.” I have 3 children and wanted to drop 30 pounds (of body fat), so I continued to do activities, such as jogging, kickboxing etc. Two years ago, I received my Fitness Trainer Certification and began working in a gym that involved “strength training,” which was a new concept for me! To learn more about it, I began reading books and attending seminars to learn about the benefits of lifting and how it can improve body structure and builds overall strength. I recently began training in CrossFit, which includes at least one type of lift in every WOD. I try to go at least 2X/week. I feel very fortunateĀ that at 45 years of age, I live completely pain-free. I truly believe that lifting has improved my health and overall well-being; provided me with unbelievable health benefits, such as getting stronger, and lowering my cholesterol (which was quite high prior to my adding weight-training to my work-out routine); and being able to do all the activities that I enjoy! My favorite sport has always been Tennis. Most women my age choose to play Doubles instead of Singles because of the wear-and-tear imposed on the body. They also feel the need to play on a softer surface, such as Clay or Hartrue for a slower-paced game and to prevent wear on the joints. I, on the other hand, continue to enjoy my Singles matches…on Hard courts…(and proudly…win most of my matches!). The best advice I have for anyone considering lifting is to begin slowly, find a knowledgeable coach and remember that at any any…there’s NO LIMIT to what you can accomplish and there’s nothing more important than your health. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed my story, but more importantly, I hope I’ve inspired you to include lifting in your work-out!

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