Crazy Lower Body Workout

Check out this short video from yesterday.


The workout:

1) Sumo Deadlifts- Work up to a heavy set of 1-3 reps

-I’m not use to pulling sumo so I’ve gave it a shot for the past few weeks and its been feeling better every week. Technique needs work but its feeling good.

2) Cambered Bar Good Mornings- 185 X 2 X 6

-Using this exercise to help build my squat and strengthen my posterior chain. Weight was light, didn’t think it was¬†necessary¬†to kill it after some heavy deadlifts.

3) Single Leg Swiss Ball Curls- 3 X 8

-Haven’t done this in years.

-I was suppose to do kettlebell swings but I wasn’t feeling it so I did single leg swiss ball curls instead.

4) Medium Band Jackknifes- 3 X 12

-One the best core exercises you can do.

This type of workout is awesome if you want to get STRONG.

Rules to follow to get a Strong lower body:

-Pick a heavy barbell lift. For the lower body this includes squat or deadlift variations.

-Pick your assistance lifts carefully. What is your goal. Why are you performing this exercise? Answer these questions and pick your exercise. Good assistance exercises are box squats, RDL’s, Good Mornings, GHR etc…

-Finish with a core exercise. My favorites are kettlebell caries, ab roll outs, jackknifes and Pallof presses.

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