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Here Is What You’ll Discover Inside Deadlift Like A Man:

  • 12-Week Deadlift Program…Step by step, set by set, rep by rep, fully detailed, 12-week Deadlift Like A Man training course that is guaranteed to add up to 50 lbs on your deadlift in 12 weeks.
  • Top 5 Deadlift Mistakes…In this video you will discover how to avoid the most common deadlift mistakes most guys make.
  • How To Attack Your Weaknesses… In this video you will discover the best supplemental and assistance exercises to overcome the weak link in your deadlift (this is holding you back from adding 50 + lbs on your deadlift)
  • How To Deadlift Video Tutorial…In this video you will learn how to deadlift properly so you can lift the most amount of weight possible without getting injured.
  • Dynamic Deadlift Warm-up…Uncover a done for you deadlift warm-up that will prepare your mind and body for each training session so you can be laser focused on deadlifting more weight.
  • Mindset For Monster Deadlift…Uncover the mindset needed to smash your personal bests and skyrocket your deadlift success.
  • Deadlift Like A Man Exercise Vault…Instant access to the Deadlift Like A Man Video Exercise database which will show you how to do each exercise in the program correctly so you can avoid injury And maximize your deadlift potential.

Here Are The Benefits You Will See From Deadlift Like A Man:

  • Increased Deadlift…You will add up to 50 lbs on your deadlift in just 12 weeks…guaranteed.
  • Thicker and Denser Back…Anytime you see a lifter with a massive back, I gaurentee you they have a masive deadlift. This is because the best way to build big traps, lats that go on for days and a massive back is by deadlifting.
  • Increased Squat…Many of the same workouts designed to increase your deadlift are applicable to the squat. Expect to see massive improvements in your squat with the Deadlift Like A Man workouts.
  • More Confidence…There is nothing more gratifying that deadlifting some heavy weight. When you smash your old records you will feel an extreme rush of confidence.
  • No More Back Pain…Many guys get back pain from deadlifting for two reasons. One, they aren’t deadlifting properly. Two, Their lower back, hamstrings and glutes are too weak. Solve both of these problems and get rid of back pain with Deadlift Like A Man.
  • Better Athletic Performance…Regardless if you are an athlete, weekend warrior or a meathead, increasing your deadlift will help your athletic performance by improving the strength of the often overlooked posterior chain.

“…Following The Deadlift Like a Man protocol  2 times a week, I have seen amazing results…”

I’ve been training for alittle over 14 years but I just recently started deadlifting. Following The Deadlift Like a Man protocol  2 times a week, I have seen amazing results.

After the first 4 weeks I not only noticed a increase in the amount of weight I was able to deadlift, but also in the amount of strict pull-ups and chin-ups I could do, which I didn’t expect.
I also gained lean muscle while reducing bodyfat without doing any additional cardio.  My favorite part about the program was every exercise was geared specifically to assist in one area of the deadlift. After I completed the 12 week program I added over 50 lbs to my deadlift and I couldn’t be more excited! – Bryan Tompkins
Bryan Deadlift

“…My deadlift before I started following your programs was 420lbs and now it’s 462lbs!…”

Before I started ‘Deadlift LIke A Man’, I did Crossfit all the time. I got shredded and fit but I didn’t gain any muscle. I decided to try Deadlift Like A Man and the results have blown me away. By Following Deadlift Like A Man for the full 12 weeks, I have added serious muscle and strength while staying shredded. My deadlift before I started following your programs was 420lbs and now it’s 462lbs! Thanks to you Joe, I’m  finally deadlifting over 450lbs! Big shout out to you and your program!” – Johnannes KScreen Shot 2013-02-18 at 1.08.22 PM

“…If you are thinking about improving your deadlift numbers then the Deadlift Like a Man program is for you…” 

I started Deadlift Like a man and completed the entire 12 weeks of the program.  After completing the entire 12 weeks the guarantee of adding 50 lbs to my deadlift came through.  I went from a 390 lb deadlift to 440lbs in those 12 weeks.

Within the first month of the program I knew that I would get good results.  I honestly thought my deadlift would increase over 400 but when 420 felt light the night I tested I knew I could make the jump to 440 and hit it.

I believe Deadlift Like a Man produces the results it does because the accessory exercises that are included in each training session.   The accessory exercises work on the muscles that are used when performing the deadlift.

Another big component was the correct use of set and rep schemes.  The manual laid out exactly how many sets and reps you needed to do for each exercise, and even explained to you how to choose your weights properly.  The program was intense but I was fresh each and every session and ready to put in quality work.

If you are thinking about improving your deadlift numbers then the Deadlift Like a Man program is for you. – Rob D

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Here Is What You’ll Discover Inside Gaining Weight Made Simple:

  • Discover the fire-proof way to gain muscle mass, and increase your strength minus the flab that often comes along with “bulking up”
  • Learn how master the 6 commandments to gaining weight fast (avoid just one and you’ll sabotage your mass building efforts)
  • 3 Mighty Pre-Workout Meals That Will Give You Energy like a kid who ate a bowl of sugar, have you focusing more than a surgeon in the operating room and have you jacked up for a Killer Workout
  • Uncover exactly what fuel(food) you need to properly enhance your recovery from grueling workouts, so you can minimize soreness and come back for your next workout as an even bigger beast (remember your body changes while it’s rest, the workout is just the thing to spark the engine).
  • Amazing Post Workout Meals that will help you recover faster from your workouts and deliver your muscles the nutrients they need to build muscle.
  • Guaranteed Muscle Building Shopping List – a checklist with the best and only foods you should eat if you want to add muscle to your frame fast!
  • Discover the NO B.S. Approach to gain muscle – not the crap that magazines get paid MILLIONS to shove down your throat (No hype, no crazy supplements, just the stuff that works!)
  • Over 140 muscle building meal plans that will help you pack on slabs of rock hard muscle without adding unwanted fat.

Here Are The Benefits You Will See From  Gaining Weight Made Simple:

  • Burn Fat Faster…More muscle = faster metabolism. This means that the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be and the more fat your body will burn.
  • Increase the “Big 3”…One of the easiest way to increase your squat, deadlift and bench press is to gain muscle mass. This diet plan will help you increase your main lifts in the gym.
  • Increased Strength…Bigger muscles have a greater potential to get stronger if your training is dialed in.
  • Increased Confidence & More Attention from the ladies…Want to instantly grab the attention of girls around you? More muscle = more attention from the ladies
  • Increased Energy…One of the side effects of eating calorie dense and nutrient rich foods is having more energy.
  • Increased Stamina…Stronger and bigger muscles require less effort to produce force compared to weaker muscles so this means you will have better stamina and endurance.
  • Better Athletic Performance…Regardless if you are an athlete, weekend warrior or a meathead, adding muscle mass will help your athletic performance by improving your strength, power, stamina and explosiveness.
  • Reduce Injury Risk…Bigger and stronger muscles are less likely to get injured then smaller and weak ones.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the Deadlift Like A Man Program for the next 60 days, RISK FREE.

If you are not completely satisfied or impressed with The Deadlift Like A Man E Course after 60 days, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings, just your money back. I stand behind my training 100% & I respect your taking the time to invest in this training course. ALL the responsibility falls on MY shoulders. This is a risk free offer so what are you waiting for?

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“…Joe Meglio is one of the new breeds in Strength and Conditioning today…”

Having been an athlete himself, he knows EXACTLY what they need and are lacking. With his Deadlift program he’s uncovered the TRUTH about this often misunderstood lift and how you can utilize it properly to crush your old plateaus and more importantly, your competition!”

Chandler Marchman, CSCS

“…I had a chance to check out Coach Meglio’s deadlift program first hand and it is something you need to check out if you want to improve your pull…”

Being a bigger guy with shorter arms the deadlift is a lift I have ALWAYS struggled with so I have done a TON of research and learned from some of the BEST powerlifters from this countries to learn the best techniques and programming methods on how to deadlift. I have personally seen coach Meglio teach the deadlift to many athletres and coaches and I can honestly say he is spot on and agrees with what the experts have to say. Not to mention he has a 3x bodyweight deadlift in just a belt! He walks the walk and talks the talk! He gets results for his athletes and himself! That should be proof enough for you to invest in his program!‪

Strength Coach John Gaglione
Owner, Gaglione Strength, Long Island NY

“…I’ve seen the program and I’ve seen Joe coach in-person…the results are instant improvement in his athletes…”

Coach Megz is a BEAST! Not only does he sport a 3X bodyweight pull, he also has the ability to communicate the knowledge that helped him achieve those numbers. That means YOU get simple, straightforward, easy to follow advice guaranteed to make you a better lifter and better athlete! I’ve seen the program and I’ve seen Joe coach in-person…the results are instant improvement in his athletes.

Strength Coach Ryan Munsey
Owner, House Of Strength, Roanoke, Virginia

You’re Getting Both These Killer Programs For 1 Crazy Low Price.


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Now Just $27




NOTE: The ‘Deadlift Like A Man’ program is a downloadable e-book. A physical product will not be shipped. After you place your order, you will have access to download the ebook as a PDF through Adobe Reader and save it directly to your computer. The e-book format is a PDF and can be viewed on both Macs and PCs. Once you invest in this ebook, you will gain access to the ebook within 5 minutes. If there are any issues please  or need support, please send us an email at**