Deadlifting Like A Boss

Deadlifting Like A Boss

So you wanna deadlift like a boss? Check out this video below…

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Franky has been training with me for 15 months now and has made some SERIOUS gains during this time. During these past 15 months, Frank has been following my ‘Deadlift Like A Man‘ program. In the last 15 months he has put on 30 lbs,¬†more then doubled his deadlift AND squat¬†while maintaining single digit body fat.

For the past 15 months, Frank has focused on just a few basic lifts:

-Trap bar deadlifts & modified sumo stance deadlifts

-Safety Squat Bar Squats & back squats


-Barbell RDLs

-Glute bridges & hip thrusts

-Various Lunges, Step-ups & Split Squats


The key to Frank’s success is CONSISTENCY. You hear me talk about being consistent and being dedicated all the time because I don’t think it can be emphasized enough. In the past 15 months, I can’t recall one workout Frank has missed. Not only does he show up for every workout but he busts his ass and puts in the work necessary to get awesome results.

On his own he routinely does bodyweight workouts and other stuff that I showed him. His nutrition is very dialed in. I remember when he first started training, he couldn’t believe how much food he had to eat but guess what? He did it and it worked. Changing the way he ate has helped him put on 30+ lbs in 15 months while staying lean.

Incase you missed the video I posted yesterday, you need to check it out:

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  • fernando

    What are some variations for the GHR?

  • George Siotis

    eyyy Joey megz great post my man!! So true consistency over a long period of time is the key! And having an imp reason to train too is big!