Deadly Finishers For Serious Results

Deadly Finishers For Serious Results

Deadly Finishers for Serious Results

There is nothing pretty about the end of a training session.

Sweat on the floor, music blaring, body shaking, and heavy panting.

You may have just hit a PB. Your work sets flew up. You double checked the amount as it felt as if you had cheated yourself and skimped on the weight.

You woke up this morning refreshed, had a near perfect day of eating. Smashed your pre training shake, and had the energy of your 6month old dog.

Unbreakable is the feeling.

Deep down inside you feel as if there is something left in the tank. You look at your coach or your training partner for something else. Something to kill this feeling and finish off the session strong.

Enter the Deadliest of Finishers

Finishers are the new black. Most of the talk is of finishers and fat loss.

I am going to present to you a new way of utilising these bad boys to add some serious strength and size and challenge the toughest of minds.

These can be plug and play.

Finishers can be utilised in a variety of ways and combinations. I will give you an example of a few different ways to incorporate these into your current routine and reap the rewards of these killers.

As a coach we need to listen and watch our clients. We need to gauge how they are feeling, and act accordingly. There are the good, the bad and the ugly days. It is these good days that we can take advantage of, or even turning one of these ‘down in the dumps’ days around.

The iron game just like life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Having freckles has rained on your parade.

My goal is to help you dominate in as many ways as possible. While you are preparing and crushing your training sessions, and finishing strong your competition has cut theirs short and called it a day. F**k that.. Not you….

The Why????

There are various reasons to implement finishers into your routine. Some may suit you and some may not. Pick and choose wisely.

We only have a limited ability to recover and just piling stuff on top of your jam packed program already could be a recipe for disaster.

Listed below are a few reasons to why these can be included:

-To bring up weaknesses or lagging body parts

-To test your manliness

-From a coaches standpoint to create some atmosphere and team setting

-Head to head challenges

-Mental toughness. The ability to push past that barrier

-To finish you off, and add some volume to the muscle groups trained

There are more reasons, although these are the ones I will go over in today’s post.

Plug and Play Finishers

I will now give you some real life examples that I use with my guys at the end of some training sessions.

I will first give some killer bodyweight and band versions that can be used without the need of much equipment.


Some can be used after a full body or upper body focused session and some lower body dominant.

  • Tickets to the Gun Show”

I have used this with 3 guys rotating through each. Served as a wicked upper body blast

  1. Chin Up Hold: 15-30sec
  2. Band Bicep Curls 30seconds As Many as Possible
  3. Bodyweight Tricep Extensions x12-15

Go through 2-4 times and you will know what I mean.

  • “Partner Up and Pushup”

This is fun and simple. Creates some team work and atmosphere and can serve as a way to finish off the chest, arms and core but also bring up weaknesses in these bad boys. Partner up with someone, it does not matter if one can do more than the other as both will be working hard the whole time either doing pushups or holding the top position.

  1. Select a rep number to reach. I have used 150, but you can go higher or lower
  2. You will rotate through until the total reps have been completed
  3. The only rule is that you can’t drop your knees and completely rest until all reps are done

So both start in pushup position, and one kicks it off. Once he stops at say 30 for example, then partner 2 will take off from 30 while the other rests in either the pushup plank position or pike position. Keep pushing through until rep count is reached.

  • “ Pyramid Power”

This ones also simple, but not easy. Pyramids have been around for a while, but you may have forgotten about them. They are a great way to add volume and fight fatigue. Be sure to watch technique, as sloppy reps don’t count.

  1. Dips and Pullups work well, as do inverted rows and pushups. Choose your poison.
  2. Start at 1 of each, then 2, then 3 and so on until you miss a rep.
  3. Once you miss a rep start back at 1 again and climb back up.
  4. Repeat for 2-4 pyramids depending on your ability. You may need to add a rest after each pyramid when you first run through, but eventually eliminating the rest and moving through for 3 or so rounds is killer.

Adding in some equipment

These will utilise some extra bits of equipment, so if you have these to use. Go for it!

  • “Sledge Away”      

This you can tweak as you want. I have used sledgehammer strikes on their own, or you can incorporate other movements as well.

  1. Overhead Sledgehammer strikes 10/side
  2. Med Ball Pushups Submax reps
  3. Band Pull Aparts x 25 (overhand, underhand etc)

2-4 rounds through will work a treat.

  • “High Rep Goblet Squats” or “High Rep Bulgarian Split Squats”

Not pretty and can be painful. You can choose to use bodyweight or a light to moderately heavy weight and shoot for 20-50 reps. The goblet squats can double up as technique work as well.

Going head to head on the Bulgarian split squats is a vicious leg finisher and challenge.

You can tweak these, and go drop set style. For example

  1. Start with a loaded or Jumping exercise
  2. Drop the load/jump and move to bodyweight
  3. Add in an isometric hold in the bottom range

20 Loaded goblet squatsà15 Bodyweight Prisoner SquatsàIso Hold as long as possible… The same can be done for single leg work if you want to go with that option.

If you choose to do this again, you are beastly. But hey, go for it….

  • “Keg  and Sled”

Simple, effective, brutal.  This is best done outside if you have the space.

(A sled variation that can be used)

  1. Set up a keg at one end and sled apparatus at the other. Distance is your choice
  2. Pick up the heavy keg. Carry for distance to the sled
  3. Press the sled for 10-15 reps
  4. Reverse sled drag back to the beginning

Repeat the process. You can also adjust this to your weakness etc. If you need to work more on your back strength and/or size you can sub in sled power rows instead of presses.

That above is the sled power row.

There you have it, a few finishers to give you some insight into how to use them and the positives. Give them a shot, shake things up, you might just be surprised. “Dedicate, Dominate”.

Shannan Maciejewski is the founder of Raw Fitness and Sports Training located in Ballina NSW Australia.

Shannan is a  qualified Underground Strength Coach; one of only a select few in Australia and he also holds a Degree in Human Movement Science, with a Major in Exercise Science.

With over 9 years experience in the industry Shannan combines his knowledge, his no-nonsense approach and cutting edge methods to produce lasting results for many individuals, athletes and local teams he has worked alongside.

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  • joeymegz

    Who here using finishers as part of their training session?

  • Powers

    Don’t think I use hardcore “finishers”. This is the first I’ve heard of them. I do however finish off any lifting with a set or two (high repetitions) of a weight-free exercise for that particular muscle mainly as a means of stretching, cooling down, and keeping myself grounded.

  • joeymegz

    Try some of these methods out, I think you will like them!