Do You Want to Succeed As Much As You Want To Breathe?

Do You Want to Succeed As Much As You Want To Breath?

As a strength coach, one of my most important duties is inspiring my athletes to achieve greatness and building their confidence and self esteem. When I first started coaching, I thought it was all about getting them bigger, stronger and more explosive. While this is important and a BIG part about what I do, it isn’t everything.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned as a coach is if your not not inspiring your athletes to achieve success, then you are not doing your job.

Weather your an athlete, training for strength and size or fat loss, you need to be dedicated and committed to your goals both in the gym and in life. By holding yourself to a higher standard in the gym, you will condition yourself to a higher standard in life.

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Take home points:

  • “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe THEN you will be successful”. ET
  • You’ve got to be HUNGRY & YOU have to want it BAD. It all comes down to accountability. Are you going be responsible for your actions or are you going to make excuses? No excuses, play like a champion.
  • You gotta be willing to make sacrifices. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.
  • Realize that “you won’t be successful until you don’t get a dime to do what you do. I don’t need that money. I got it in my heart”
  • You’ve got to give it everything you got. Commit it, breath it, eat it, sleep it. Work hard and have whatever you want
  • Realize that “pain is temporary but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place, quitting will last forever”
  • Stop being afraid and be the best you can be. It will be hard but you can reach it if you truly want it.

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