Exercise Of The Week: Renegade Rows

Renegade Row

This week’s exercise of the week is Renegade Rows. It is a great rowing variation that is much harder than your traditional row because it engages the core much more than most other variations.

This is a great exercise to…

  • Improve your pulling strength
  • Improve core stability
  • Iron out muscular imbalances

Coaching Cues

  • Start In a close grip push-up position with your feet fairly wide
  • Row the dumbbell towards your rib change
  • As your rowing with your right arm, push your left arm through the ground (and vice versa)
  • Lower under control and alternate sides
  • Try to keep your hips as even as possible and your belly button facing down the whole time

Sets: 3-5

Reps: 5-8 on each side

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  • Lisa

    I love renegade rows but haven’t done them in awhile. Seeing this video makes me want to work them back in- thanks Joe!

    I’ve seen people do a push up in between each row. Does that add anything as far as building strength? Would there be any reason to not do them that way? Or is it all just personal preference?

  • Renegade rows are very challenging! The biggest challenge for me is keeping my hips even while rowing. I find that my hip on the side of the arm rowing wants to rotate and raise up to help the arm lift the weight. Thanks Joe!

  • No problem Nick! Keep on checking in.

    Thanks for you comment!

    Coach Megz

  • I’d say strength endurance. Nope no reason, feel free to do it that way!

    Keep checking in lisa!

    Coach Megz