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Here Is What You Will Get Inside Gaining Weight Made Simple:

  • Discover the fire-proof way to gain muscle mass, and increase your strength minus the flab that often comes along with “bulking up”
  • Learn how master the 6 commandments to gaining weight fast (avoid just one and you’ll sabotage your mass building efforts)
  • 3 Mighty Pre-Workout Meals That Will Give You Energy like a kid who ate a bowl of sugar, have you focusing more than a surgeon in the operating room and have you jacked up for a Killer Workout
  • Uncover exactly what fuel(food) you need to properly enhance your recovery from grueling workouts, so you can minimize soreness and come back for your next workout as an even bigger beast (remember your body changes while it’s rest, the workout is just the thing to spark the engine).
  • Amazing Post Workout Meals that will help you recover faster from your workouts and deliver your muscles the nutrients they need to build muscle.
  • Guaranteed Muscle Building Shopping List – a checklist with the best and only foods you should eat if you want to add muscle to your frame fast!
  • Discover the NO B.S. Approach to gain muscle – not the crap that magazines get paid MILLIONS to shove down your throat (No hype, no crazy supplements, just the stuff that works!)
  • Over 140 muscle building meal plans that will help you pack on slabs of rock hard muscle without adding unwanted fat.

Here Are The Benefits You Will See From Gaining Weight Made Simple:
  • Burn Fat Faster…More muscle = faster metabolism. This means that the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be and the more fat your body will burn.
  • Increase the “Big 3”…One of the easiest way to increase your squat, deadlift and bench press is to gain muscle mass. This diet plan will help you increase your main lifts in the gym.
  • Increased Strength…Bigger muscles have a greater potential to get stronger if your training is dialed in.
  • Increased Confidence & More Attention from the ladies…Want to instantly grab the attention of girls around you? More muscle = more attention from the ladies
  • Increased Energy…One of the side effects of eating calorie dense and nutrient rich foods is having more energy.
  • Increased Stamina…Stronger and bigger muscles require less effort to produce force compared to weaker muscles so this means you will have better stamina and endurance.
  • Better Athletic Performance…Regardless if you are an athlete, weekend warrior or a meathead, adding muscle mass will help your athletic performance by improving your strength, power, stamina and explosiveness.
  • Reduce Injury Risk…Bigger and stronger muscles are less likely to get injured then smaller and weak ones.

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