Got Excuses?

Got Excuses?

Yesterday my man Zach Even-Esh posted this video that you need to watch…

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I couldn’t agree with him more. Since the time I’ve been a strength coach, I have seen more and more lazy kids every year. While some kids can transform their mind and their body, others just refuse to and sometimes I start to think you either have it or you don’t. It doesn’t take too long to see which athletes you know will be training with you for YEARS because of their dedication and their inner drive and which athletes will only be with you for a few months until Mommy or Daddy don’t force them to go anymore.

While 90% of all the athletes I train are highly motivated to achieve success and push their mind and body to levels that are far beyond where they are now, the other 10% of athletes are not self motivated. They don’t push their mind and their body and it is very apparent during the workout. They don’t do any sort of training on their own, they think the bare minimum will get them by. Is this the type of athlete you want to be? Do you think that you can just do the bare minimum and be great? Sure some highly skilled athletes can get away with that, but most of us weren’t born with amazing skills in any specific sport.

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Yesterday in my newsletter, I mentioned that how you train and push yourself during a workout will show a lot about your character and how mentally though you are in the real world. The small habits you create during your workouts will carry over to the bigger discussions in life. This is why I can usually tell which athletes are serious and which athletes just say they want it but don’t actually mean it.

Let me finish by saying, we have all made excuses in our life BUT today we can change that.  We can push our bodies and mind past our normal limits and discover a part of ourselves that we may not have been in touch with.

Time to STEP UP and DO WORK!

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  • Papa-Ollennu

    This is true. no excuses. Ive trained constantly for 3 years. Yes 3 years. Im 13 years old. I dont go to parties, birthday parties, I just train. My goal is to play in the nba. I have friends and i question them about why its so hard to train, During and in-season i train 5 hours a week. ITS EASY. Very good article.