GPP Sample Workouts

Now that I am officially done with college baseball its time to start lifting some heavy ass weight again! My lower back got pretty jacked up this season so I was pretty limited with my in season training. I typically trained 1-2 x per week depending on my schedule. I mostly used bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells etc…

Before I can get back into moving maximal loads, I am going to do a 2-3 week phase of GPP work and just get my body ready to lift heavy weights again. As much as I want to squat heavy and press heavy at the moment, my body isn’t ready for it.

If you just finished a competitive season or have been out of the iron game for sometime I highly recommend you spend a few weeks conditioning your body to lift heavy again. If you don’t do this and decide to jump right back  into heavy lifting your body will not be ready for it and you are leaving yourself vulnerable to injury.

Here are my workouts from last week. Use these workouts to increase your GPP and prepare your body to lift some heavy weight!


1A) KB Goblet Squats 4 X 8

1B) Pull ups

2A) Handstand push ups 4 X 7-10

2B) Pull ups

3) KB Farmer Walks- 3 X

4A) Band tricep push downs 100 reps ASAP

4B) Thick rope curls- 3 X 12

4C) KB Shrugs- 3 X 10-

Friday: Zach Even-Esh Inspired Workout

1) Double KB Squat 5 x 5

4 rounds of submax reps

2A) Handwalking

2B)Pull ups

2C) Ring Push ups

2D) Farmer Carries

2E) Sandbag Shouldering

This week…


1) 1 Arm Kettlebell Rack Squat 4 X 4/4


2) Kettlebell RDL’ 3 X 10


3) Reverse Dumbbell Lunges 3 X 6-8

4) Glute Ham Raise 3 X Max Reps


5) Battling Ropes- 3 X 25 Seconds


1A) 1 Arm KB Clean and Press 3 X 5, 2 X 3

1B) Pull ups

2A) Ring Push ups + 3 20lb Chains- 3 X 8-12

2B) Bent over KB Row- 3 x 8-12

3) Ring Dips- 3 X 10

4A) Fat Grip DB Curls 3 x 8-12

4B) Fat Grip Tate Presses 3 X 8-12

5) Sled Drags- 10 Minutes

In a nutshell, as you can see most of my workouts have been bodyweight, odd object training with some kettlebell and dumbbell work mixed in and some pump stuff at the end. Similar to my in season workouts but these are much more intense and the volume is higher. I usually do not add so much variety into my program. Usually I do a two week wave and try to break records either in weight or volume during that second week. Each week I am jacking up the intensity and volume until I feel my body is ready to go.

Now that I am done with college baseball I am looking forward to overhead pressing again. Since I am still playing baseball for fun, it will be an interesting experiment to see how overhead pressing effects my performance and health.

What did your workout look like today?


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