Guinea Pigs Needed!

I am looking for 10 guinea pigs to test out my new muscle building program. The 10 people who are chosen will not actually meet with me for the training sessions but instead will be provided with a 12 week program, training 4 X per week. The workouts are geared towards getting you strong as hell. I am only looking for serious inquiries so please do not email me if you are not looking to get strong as an ox or are afraid to get “too big”. This program is for the serious athlete/lifter that is dedicated to getting bigger and stronger and is looking for a serious program to get them there. It is far superior to the training programs popularized in bodybuilding magazines because those workouts are geared toward the steroid using bodybuilder and those workouts offer little to no benefits for hard gainers, athletes and the average.

Here are the minimum requirements:

  1. You must be willing to learn and try new exercises out. If you do not plan on following this program to the T, this is NOT the program for you.
  2. You must be healthy. Aches and pains are okay, we are all banged up from time to time, but if you are dealing with any injuries I cannot accept you.
  3. You must read my blog on a daily basis. How do I know your reading it? My readers often connect with me and ask me questions and provide me feedback. If you do not connect with me or provide feedback, I will assume you are not reading it. This serves as an educational tool to expand your knowledge of training and understand why I do things the way I do.
  4. You must be able to train for 12 uninterrupted weeks for at least 3 X a week.
  5. In order to track your progress, you must be willing to take before and after pictures and you must be willing to do perform some indicator lifts to track strength progress
  6. You must be willing to invest $50. I will be constantly connecting with you to help you along the process and make sure things are running smoothly. I will be dedicating my time to ensure that you are getting everything you need to be successful. The $50 investment is than $16/month. Remember this includes program design, nutrition and supplement design and anything needed to help you succeed.
  7. You are participating in this program because you live too far or have some other legitimate reason why you cannot train with me in Staten Island, New York or Edison, New Jersey.

Serious inquires only! If you are interested, email me at . Please include your name, age, and a brief background on your training history and 100 words on why I should choose you. I will only be accepting 10 guinea pigs for this new program and all decisions will be made by April 30. Those who are selected will be notified by April 30.

Joe Meglio
Performance Enhancement Coach

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