Heavy Lifting for Baseball

So you want to be faster, more explosive, throw harder and hit the ball further?  The only way to increase all these physical capabilities is to increase your strength. There is no such thing as a fast and explosive athlete that isn’t strong. By increasing strength, you are building a base upon which you can then build other physical attributes. Doing dynamic and explosive work won’t do anything for your performance if you are WEAK!

In order to get strong for baseball you need to lift heavy weights. This does not mean you should work up to a 1 rep max week after week with shitty technique. Instead this means you should train in the 3-5 rep range leaving 1 or maybe 2 reps in the tank.  Baseball players should train heavy two days a week. One day should be a squat or deadlift variation and the other day should be a chin-up and for some baseball players it will be a bench press variation. We do not perform max effort benching with a regular barbell. Instead we will floor press with a swiss bar or a multipurpose bar to prevent any shoulder injuries from occurring.

Below is a sample Max Effort Upper Body workout:

1)      Max Effort Chin-ups-5 x 5

2) DB Bench Press Neutral Grip w/ Fat Gripz- 4 x 8-12

3A) Thick Barbell Row- 4 x 10

3B) DB Clean- 4 x 10-15

3)      Ring Push-ups-3 X30 seconds

4)      Prowler Suicides- 4 Rounds

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