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Check Out Everything You’re About To Gain Access To Inside:

  • The Step by Step, Set by Set and Rep by Rep, Fully Detailed, ‘Deadlift Like A Man’ Training Course That Will Add Up To 50lbs On Your Deadlift In 12 Weeks.
  • Inside The Origin & Mindset Shift That Occurs When You Start To Deadlift More Weight Then You Ever Dreamed Of Which.
  • Discover WHAT The Foundation Of The ‘Deadlift Like A Man ‘ Training Course Is AND How This Proven Training System Will Put You On The Fast Track Towards Breaking Personal Records and Deadlifting More Weight Then Ever Before

This Proven & Tested Program Is What I Used To Add 200lbs To My Deadlift In Just Over A Year And Helped Me Deadlift 3 X My Bodyweight

“…Joe Meglio is one of the new breeds in Strength and Conditioning today…”

Having been an athlete himself, he knows EXACTLY what they need and are lacking. With his Deadlift program he’s uncovered the TRUTH about this often misunderstood lift and how you can utilize it properly to crush your old plateaus and more importantly, your competition!”

Chandler Marchman, CSCS

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“…I had a chance to check out Coach Meglio’s deadlift program first hand and it is something you need to check out if you want to improve your pull…”

Being a bigger guy with shorter arms the deadlift is a lift I have ALWAYS struggled with so I have done a TON of research and learned from some of the BEST powerlifters from this countries to learn the best techniques and programming methods on how to deadlift. I have personally seen coach Meglio teach the deadlift to many athletres and coaches and I can honestly say he is spot on and agrees with what the experts have to say. Not to mention he has a 3x bodyweight deadlift in just a belt! He walks the walk and talks the talk! He gets results for his athletes and himself! That should be proof enough for you to invest in his program!‪

Strength Coach John Gaglione
Owner, Gaglione Strength, Long Island NY

In Addition To The Power Packed ‘Deadlift Like A Man’ 12 Week Training Course, You Will Also Get This Powerful Bonuses

Special Bonus: ‘Beast Upper Body Workouts’ ($27 Value):
  • 12 Weeks Of Upper Body Workouts To Compliment The ‘Deadlift Like a Man‘ Program To Help YOU Build Raw Upper Body Strength.





The Entire 12 Week, ‘Deadlift Like A Man’ Training Course Along With ‘BEAST Upper Body Workouts’ (Total Value of $74 ) Is All Yours…

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the Deadlift Like A Man Program for the next 60 days, RISK FREE.

If you are not completely satisfied or impressed with The Deadlift Like A Man E Course after 60 days, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings, just your money back. I stand behind my training 100% & I respect your taking the time to invest in this training course. ALL the responsibility falls on MY shoulders. This is a risk free offer so what are you waiting for?

Total Value $74

Only $74 $47

“…I’ve seen the program and I’ve seen Joe coach in-person…the results are instant improvement in his athletes…”

Coach Megz is a BEAST! Not only does he sport a 3X bodyweight pull, he also has the ability to communicate the knowledge that helped him achieve those numbers. That means YOU get simple, straightforward, easy to follow advice guaranteed to make you a better lifter and better athlete! I’ve seen the program and I’ve seen Joe coach in-person…the results are instant improvement in his athletes.

Strength Coach Ryan Munsey
Owner, House Of Strength, Roanoke, Virginia

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