How To Do More Pull-ups

How To Double The Amount Of Pull-ups You Do

Question:  I currently train pull ups once a week, going until failure doing 4 sets with different grips. I reached about 16 pull ups total but struggle to add reps each week. My nutrition is solid and i change my workout order every 3 weeks. How can I increase my pull-ups?

Pull-ups are one of my favorite exercises of all time. When done right, they are an awesome exercise to strengthen your back and test your relative body strength. Most athletes I work with can’t do 5 good pull-ups when they start BUT after a few months, they often double or triple the amount they can do. Here is how:

1) Do them as a filler exercise

If you want to get great at pull-ups, do them in-between every set of your main exercise of the day. So let’s say you are squatting 5 X 5, that means you will also do 5 X 3-5 pull-ups right after you squat.  You can apply this method to the bench press, overhead press, deadlift or any other exercise you can think of.

The key behind doing this is slowly building volume over time which in turn will get you stronger at doing pull-ups.

Pavel refers to this method as “greasing the grove” and it is the exact method I have used to take my athletes from doing 4-6 pull-ups to 15+. Hell, even if you can do 10+ pull-ups, “greasing the grove” is a surefire way to make sure you are maintaining your ability to do pull-ups.

3) Do them everyday 

Dan John once said “if it’s important do it everyday”. If you only had 1 month to reach 10 pull-ups, do you think you would get better results if you did them 1X a week or if you did them everyday? You would certainly do them everyday.

But what about overtraining? As long as you are using the right volume and intensity, you can do any exercise you want everyday. Jus look at the way Olympic lifters train. They do cleans, snatches and squats EVERYDAY, is it any wonder why they so jacked up and strong as hell?

4) Learn proper technique

Nothing pisses me off more then seeing half rep pull-ups or kipping pull-ups, DON’T BE THIS GUY! Technique is critical to learn for not only optimal performance but also safety. Make sure you are stop doing pull-ups like a littler girl. Step-up, learn how to do them right and start lifting like a man.

4) Get Lean

How many fat SOB’s do you know that can do a ton of  pull-ups? Probably not that many. The key to doing a lot of pull-ups is to have a high level of relative body strength. If you are carrying around extra unneeded weight you are limiting your ability to do pull-ups. Clean up your diet and start leaning down. The leaner you get, the stronger you will be (relative to your bodyweight).

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