Eating For Size

eating for size

Eating For Size For Skinny Bastards

Eating for size is a hard task for many skinny bastards. This article is dedicated to the skinny bastard who cannot put weight on. If you are a skinny fat guy, meathead, or already have decent size this is NOT for you. Remember, how you look is  mainly due to what you eat.

Training is also critical because a solid program will help you pack on some serious muscle. Stick too large compound movements!


Why are you a skinny bastard?

1. You are not eating enough! As much as you think you are eating, chances are you probably have to double your calorie intake.

2. Not enough protein due to bad food selection. Many skinny bastards will devour cereal, sugary and refined snacks, along with tons of other junk foods. While these foods may help put on weight, the problem with this is that these types of food do not build muscle. These foods lack the quality protein to build some serious muscle. Skinny bastards should aim to have quality protein in EVERY meal throughout the day.

Foods you need to start eating

1. Milk is a great source of protein, 1 gram for every ounce. While the lactose is not a good source of carbs, if you are a skinny bastard, the reward outweighs the risk.

2. Peanut butter is another food that is high in calories, primarily due to the fat content but also has a decent source of protein.

3. Weight gainer-I do not recommend you go out and buy a weight gainer but instead make your own from whey protein, milk, ice cream, peanut butter and fruit. This is a much cheaper alternative than buying the ones sold in stores or online. Personally, my favorite protein supplements are AdvoCare Muscle Gain or GI Nutrition Ideal Whey. These are both quality supplements that when mixed when the right ingredients will make a nice weight gainer.

4. Protein oatmeal

5. Olive Oil is full of healthy fats and is an easy way to increase your calorie intake.

Sample Meal Plan


Protein Oatmeal w/ 1-2 handfulls of almonds and a large banana

Egg omlete with cheese and bacon and veggies

1 tall glass of milk


Weight gainer shake+ 1 tablespoon of olive oil


12 ounces of steak

1-2 cups of brown rice

1-2 cups of broccli


1-2 PB&J sandwiches

1 tall glass of milk

Optional-1 tablespoon of olive oil


Whatever your mother cooks

Before Bed

Eat leftovers from dinner


I guarantee you that if you are a skinny bastard you do not eat like this. Simply put if you want to be a 200 lb brick shit house, you need to eat like a 200 lb brick shit house. I don’t want to hear any excuses like this is too much food or I already eat this much. My favorite excuse is “I don’t want to get too big”. Name one person you know that has that problem?

Again, this article is not for an athlete who already has some decent size. Instead, you should follow a much different approach to nutrition. I will cover this is a later article.

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  • Dan Daly, CSCS

    Nice article Joe. I have trouble getting many clients male, and female, to eat enough, just to build some lean mass, forget about adding any serious size. I’m a big fan of John Berardi’s, of Precision Nutrition, Scrawny to Brawny program. Non-athletes have trouble grasping the concept of eating for size, and the quantity of food required to develop lean mass.