How To Fix Your Bench Press

How To Fix Your Bench Press

Hey Joe – this is Alex and I have a pretty serious question about Bench Pressing. I have not been able to train because of my army duties but I’m starting this week as I’m beginning to be able to open up some time for training. Here’s a video of me benching a bar today


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i had a friend point out that my left elbow in fact comes down at a crooked angle…and when I feel my pecs they do feel a bit uneven(right one is much stronger). I was planning on starting your LLAM but I have some legitimate concerns as my bench form seems fundamentally wrong.

My friend who spotted this suggest I use a smith machine only…but I really wanted to ask you what steps I should take to fix this? Thanks, and I appreciate all that you do for athletes worldwide.-Alex Kim

Alex, how much does your friend bench press? I would never recommend the smith machine for bench press.  If you can’t bench press with the bar do dumbbell bench press an a ton of push-up variations. None of that gay smith machine b.s!

Based on the video you sent me, it’s tough to give you any specific recommendations. First off, I would take a video with some weight on the bar. Chances are, once you add weight to the bar, your technique will change. Second, I would like to see a whole view of you benching. Until then watch these videos from Mark Bell and start fixing that bench!

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Here are some more killer tips from Mark Bench:

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If you feel like your right arm is stronger here are 2 exercises you can focus on:

  • Alt. DB Bench Press
  • Single Arm DB Bench Press

These 2 exercises are awesome and a great way to iron out muscular imbalances from side to side. For now sub these into the ‘Lift Like A Man’ training course and do 4-5 sets of 6-8 reps on each side.

P.S Want to see what the ‘Lift Like A Man’ workouts are all about? Click here to check it out.

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  • Alex

    Joe – Thanks a ton for addressing my question and taking a chunk out of your time to post it on your website. I put some more weight on the bar and the form definitely seems to be better, I’ll try some Alternate DB Presses and check for muscle imbalances, and let you know. Once again, thanks so much for your time and feedback. Cheers, Alex

  • Alex, let me know how it works out for you buddy!