How To Get Shredded In 5 Minutes or Less

How To Get Shredded In 5 Minutes or Less

One of the best ways to get in AMAZING shape is to add a short finisher to the end of your workouts. When constructed properly, finishers are an amazing way to burn fat without burning muscle, while also building  mental toughness. The most effective finishers should last around 5 minutes and should be very intense in nature.

Travis Stoetzel’s ‘Hardcore Finishers’ is the ultimate resource on kick ass finishers because all you have to do is plug these short and quick finishers in to the end of your workout. You DO NOT have to change your workout or modify anything just plug and play!

Some common questions about finishers are…

When should I use finishers?

How should I use these finishers?

Can I build muscle while using these finishers?

Are finishers just for fat loss?

Check out the answer to these questions below…

So what does a ‘Hardcore Finisher’ look like? Check out a sample workout from Travis Stoetzel

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