How to Increase Pitching Stamina

Build a foundation. By building a strong and firm base of strength and muscle size, you can then work on other physical attributes such as speed, power, explosiveness and so on.  If you do not have a strong foundation you will be more likely to get injured and recover slower between outings. A strong foundation is built through strength training. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, chin ups, rows, pushups, DB benching, and unilateral training are imperative to the development of a baseball player.

“During my first 3 years in the AL, I pitched more than 900 innings. There’s no way I could have recovered quickly, or been as durable, without a firm base of strength from lifting. Lifting helped me be more consistent.” Nolan Ryan

Build up your pitch count gradually– It is critical to gradually build up your pitch count early in the pre season, leading up to the season. Slow and steady progress is the key to increasing your pitching stamina. Many pitchers start their bullpens late in the pre season and thus they compensate for this by throwing more pitchers at a higher intensity too close to the beginning of the season. This will lead to a “dead arm” period and can also result in injury.

Stop Running Long Distance– Most of you by now should know how much I hate long distance running for baseball players, especially pitchers.  Make sure you read about my rant on why long distance running is not the answer and what you should do instead.

Perform Soft tissue work- Soft tissue work is critical to improving tissue quality, and for breaking up muscle adhesions and scar tissue.  By performing soft tissue work with a lacrosse ball, foam roller, or the stick before pitching, after pitching or in-between outings you will notice that your mobility will improve along with your ability to recover from pitching.

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