How To Increase Your Deadlift

If you ever read my blog before or watched my YouTube videos, you know that I am a huge advocate of the deadlift. In my eyes, there is no other exercise that trains the whole entire body like the deadlift.

Do you want to build huge traps and a massive back? Deadlift

Do you want to see how strong you really are? Deadlift

Do you want to work every muscle in the body with one lift? Deadlift

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My quest for a monster deadlift started back when I was a junior in college.  I just finished watching a YouTube video by James Smith of Diesel S & C and I was off to the gym. This was the first time I deadlifted heavy. I remember working up to 405, which was sup rising because I never really did this lift before. Instead, I was doing a lot of Olympic Lifts which defiantly helped my starting strength on the deadlift.

From that day I never looked back. Within 13 months of deadlifted I added 200 lbs on to it. On the day before my 21st birthday I deadlifted 600 lbs.

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I want to share the type of programming I used to skyrocket my deadlift. This program has been tested on the guys I train and has added up to 50 lbs on their deadlift in as little as 12 weeks.

If you want to increase your deadlift and learn the exact methods I used to deadlift 3 X my bodyweight then this program is for you. Deadlift Like A Man–> Get it now




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