How To Put On 30 lbs Of Muscle & Still Stay Ripped

How To Put On 30 lbs Of Muscle & Still Stay Ripped

Today I have an awesome story for you about one of my athletes “Joey Biceps”. Joe started training with us about 8 months ago and he has gotten amazing results. When Joe started he weighed 135 and was very athletic but he wanted to put on solid muscle and become an all around better athlete. Today Joe weighs in at 170 with single digit body fat.

Within the first month of training go put on 15lbs. He stopped eating like a typical high school kid and started eating like a man. During the first few months, Joe quickly became much stronger and bigger from all the hard work he put in.

This Is Why We Call Him "Joey Biceps"

When the sprint rolled around, it was time for track season. At the beginning of track season Joe already put on 20-25lbs of muscle BUT he actually got faster. A lot of people think that if you get stronger or bigger you automatically get slower…NOT true! If you are dialing in proper nutrition and start lifting like a man then you will actually become faster, more explosive and more powerful.

Check Out What Joe Had To Say About How Training Changed His Life

Check Out Joe’s Before & After Picture

I am really proud of Joey, he is an awesome kid and is going to kick some serious a** this season on the gridiron. How is it that Joe put on 30 lbs of muscle & still has single digit body fat? COMMITMENT. Joe takes training and nutrition very seriously because he knows it is what is necessary to get him to where he wants to be. He does not make excuses like “I live to far from the gym” or “I don’t have enough money” or “my coaches don’t want me training there”. He finds a way to get it in regardless of what life throws his way and that is exactly what it takes to be a man.

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