How To Train For Life

Hey Joe,
My high school basketball career just ended and it seems as if I won’t continue on with a basketball career in college. Ever since I started training and lifting weights, I had distinct seasons to train for (off season/pre season in season). But now that my career has finished, I don’t know how to really trainfor life. What about you how do you train? As an athlete, I had weight lifting workouts, speed workouts, conditioning, and of course skill practice. But now, I don’t really know how/what to do. Since you were a former athlete, I was wondering if you could help me out!
Since I still have love for the game, I’ll probably still play in men’s leagues or intramurals in college or just play pick-up with friends. I don’t just want to be this  big weight-lifting guy that can’t move. I still want to do great in the weight room while at the same time not make a fool of myself when I step on the court.
If it helps, I did Westside For Skinny Bastards for this past off-season, pre-season and in-season.
Thanks for your time and the help/advice I’ve gotten from you for my training!!

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