I Lift Things Up And Put Them Down

I Lift Things Up And Put Them Down

Last week at the Underground Strength Gym, we held a deadlift charity fundraiser for the victims of hurricane sandy.

While I wasn’t plan on competing, all it took was a question from one of the guys that train at the gym who asked, “your doing the deadlift challenge right?”.

Once he said this, there was no way I was not competing. I started to warm-up and I was feeling great but I honestly had to idea what I could deadlift. The last time I deadlifted was a few weeks after I tore my pec and deadlifted 560 X 2 ( about 5 months ago).

I was thinking to myself, I’ll deadlift 5 plates and call it a day but once the music got pumping and the athletes got going, I didn’t want to stop at 5 plates. I ended up working up to 575 lbs for an EASY single. Even though I had plenty left in the tank, I decided to call it quits there.

Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

While this is far from impressive, heck there are guys that deadlift 1,000 lbs, I was dam proud of it considering I haven’t deadlifted in 5 months and I could have done well over 600 if I pushed it which is great for me personally.

Take home Lesson

Sometime in life you just need to step up to challenges and demand more of yourself. Too often I see guys and athletes backing down from challenges because the are afraid of the unknown, AKA they are scared of failing and lack confidence.

As Zach Even-Esh says, you gotta get comfortable being uncomfortable. Embrace the challenges you face in your life not matter more big or small they are and you will develope that killer instict that is crucial to success.

In life, you can’t worry about what the dude next to you is doing or more successful the people you compare yourself to are. In the end of the day, you need to look yourself in the mirror and worry about your own personal success.

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