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My questions address the articles you wrote on In-Season baseball training. First, you state that 2 full-body workouts per week are sufficient. That’s for those playing/practicing 5,6, even 7 days week. As I play twice a week (Saturday and Sunday), how many times per week should I be working out?

Second, you state that dynamic and speed work are “almost avoided” due to the high volume of games/practices. Once again, what about myself who plays twice a week.

When describing the contents of the full-body workouts, you state they should include “…., recovery work, and prehabilitation for the rotator cuff.” Could you provide examples on “recovery work” and pre-hab exercises.

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The Goal is to maintain the gains you made in the off season. 

In Season Training considerations include:

  • Lower volume
  • Lower intensity
  • Less conditioning
  • Less speed and power training
  • More soft tissue work
  • More prehab
  • More bodyweight
  • Short workouts w/ increased frequency

Check out this article I wrote for EliteFTS on In Season Training For Baseball

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  • Joe,

    Thanks again for the video blog and answering my questions, pertaining to in-season training for baseball. I will develop my in-season workouts based on the movements you included in the Elite FTS article (In-Season Training for Baseball Part 1 and 2), while aiming for maintenance with shorter workouts. In the near future I may send you what I have developed to get your feedback.

    I like the video blog idea and hope it catches on. I will forward this on to guys I know that workout and are looking for a fresh perspective with their routines. Peace!

    Marc Adkins

  • Joe,

    Thanks for answering my questions on in-season baseball training. I think I’ll design my in-season workouts using the movements you indicated in the article you wrote for Elite FTS (In-Season Taining for Baseball Parts I and II). I’ll focus on maintenance with shorter less volume type workouts. In fact, I may send you my in-season workouts in the near future to receive your feedback. Love the video blog. Hope it catches on. Peace!

    Marc Adkins

  • Thanks Marc. Glad you enjoyed it! Keep sending your questions in. That is what will keep this going!

    Coach Megz