Is 5 X 5 Training Good Or Bad?

Is 5 X 5 Training Good Or Bad?

It’s Friday and you know what that means- Q & A Friday.

Here is today’s question:

For Friday’s QnA I was wondering what you thought about strong lifts 5×5? I am doing it right now.

Let me start out by saying that Strong Lifts 5 X 5 is a great beginner program. One of the main reasons why I am a huge  fan of 5 X 5 for beginners is it allows them to blend technique work with strength work.

If you tell a beginner to do 3 X 10 or a similar rep range, chances are after the 5th or 6th rep, their technique would break down and they are just reinforces bad technique. NOT GOOD. Here is where 5 X 5 comes it. It is a low enough rep range so technique will be constant throughout the set BUT also a low enough rep range that the lifter or athlete can handle a heavier load.

After checking out Strong Lifts 5 X 5, I do like the exercise selections they have. While it’s very basic, there is a reason for that…The basics work. For more advanced lifters, 5 X 5 isn’t the most effective strategy. I prefer the strategy I use in my ‘Lift Like A Man’ training program. It’s the strategy I developed after testing various ones like 5 X 5, 5/3/1, RPE’s to name a few. While they all work and are effective, this is my own take on progression and periodization.

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