Is There A Secret To Building Muscle & Getting Stronger?

Is There A Secret To Building Muscle?

This past week, I spent a few days down in the Washington D.C area for a business conference. At the conference I quickly became known as “the fitness guy” and I started to get a lot of the same questions from other male business owners.

The question went something like this “Joe, what is the secret to building muscle? I’m about 35 now and haven’t done much since I’ve gotten married but I want to get back into the shape I was in when I was younger”.

Now the answer everybody has been waiting for…

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Simply put there is no secret to building muscle. It is a long term process that requires self motivation, dedication, consistency and discipline. Much like running a successful business, you need to be constantly raising the bar for yourself and setting new standards in goals. If you don’t make things happen for yourself, then it ain’t going happen.

You can follow the best program in the world BUT if you aren’t dedicated and consistent with your efforts then you aren’t going to get great results.

Here is the “magic formula” to build muscle:

1) Train Hard

 In the gym, you need to strive to constantly add weight to the bar. If you aren’t getting stronger, then what are you doing in the gym?

2) Eat Big

Here is where a lot of guys go wrong. They do what they need to do in the gym but they don’t follow through with their nutrition. Here is my rule of thumb-if you want to gain weight, you need to start eating more then you are eating now.

3) Recover

I use to be guilty of doing nothing on my off days and this is okay for guys with busy lives and jobs, but it’s best to do some mobility drills and foam rolling. When I started to implement these things on my off days, my recovery drastically improved, along with my energy.

4) Repeat

Rinse and repeat. There is absolutely no substitute for hard work.

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  • Tom

    Recovery was the biggest for me, once I started incorporating more of that following the LLAM program I started to make huge gains in strength almost instantaneously. Good post bro.

  • Tom Glad to hear you are loving the program!

  • Ted

    Another good way to gain muscle (muscle in general) is to swim. I used to be a shrimp, this is coming from a generally exercise-a-phobic teenage girl, but swimming is a fun, easy way to get exercise. I mean swim like butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, breastroke, although doggy paddle is just as good as the others.