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"Discover The Powerful Training Methods That Have Been Transforming Athletes & Lifters Into BEASTS....."

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We are fired up to share the methods we use that have helped countless skinny & weak athletes achieve explosive success with regards to the development of:

  • Strength
  • Explosive Speed & Power
  • Functional Muscle Mass
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Reducing Injuries
  • Increasing Confidence

Watching the success of all these athletes has been awesome to say the least. In addition to helping athletes from NJ and NY we have been able to experiment with our own training more and more from my days we were competitive athletes to now full time Strength Coaches.

This is your opportunity to learn and train at one the most famous training facilities in the world and get intensive, hands on coaching to help you speed up your ability to become a better athlete, a better coach and / or a better lifter.

We are committed to giving you ALL We have and ensuring that you leave the seminar feeling that you got at least 20 X your investment.

Check out the details below if you’re motivated and committed to better yourself and bettering those you work with

When: July 7th 9am-4pm

**After the seminar we will have a social so everybody can hang out, enjoy some great food and talk some more shop**

Where: Underground Strength Gym

160 Talmadge Road. Edison, New Jersey

Here Is What We Will Cover At The Italian Stallion Strength Seminar…..

  • How to Utilize the Squat, Deadlift , Bench Press and Overhead Press Safely & Effectively So You Can Quickly Break PRs in these Lifts for Yourself As Well As How To Tweak These Lifts For Athletes.
  • How to Dial In The Most Effective Barbell Exercises That Bring About Maximum Bang For Your Buck In The Development of Strength, Power and Athleticism.
  • How to Manipulate The Most Powerful Primary, Supplemental and Accessory Exercises for Beginners, Intermediates & Advanced Lifters & Athletes.

Not Only Will We Teach You How To Train Like A Beast But Also Teach You How To Stay Healthy & Avoid Injury

  • Mobility drills to help you start moving and feeling better
  • How to use a foam roller & lacrosse ball to improve range of motion and speed up recovery
  • Advanced static stretches to improve flexibly
  • How to warm-up properly before a workout to maximize performance
  • What Are The Critical Recovery Techniques You Need To Help You Reduce Physical Stress & Emotional Stress While Improving Overall Long Term Health, A CRITICAL Factor To Achieving Maximum Performance

We Want To Make Sure YOU Guys Get Exactly What You Want Out Of This Seminar. We Will Have a Q & A Session Where You Can Grill Us With Your Best Training Questions.

We are limiting this seminar to the first 12 who take action!!

July 7 2012 @ The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, New Jersey

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